Thursday, October 8, 2015

Surprise- I did some sewing!

 So, I have started to call 2015, "The Year of Not Sewing", because I have so little to show for the year so far.  (You can't hang baby stuff like diapers in a quilt show, so they don't count.)

But I found a great pattern to use for my friend, Claudia's, birthday at Pieceful Designs.  Ever since Claudia's husband retired, they have spent a great deal of their time enjoying the Maryland coast in their Winnebago "Minnie". 
And I finished only 2 weeks after Claudia's birthday!  That's almost on time, right?

Here is a closer look so you might be able to see the quilting. 

 She collects seashells at the beach,so I did a search for seashell quilting and found this design.
(It's a pantograph from Ye Olde Forest Quilters)
Of course, I keep myself busy in other ways.  Just the other day I had the pleasure of spending the entire evening with these beauties. Jonathan is 4 months old now, which is hard to believe.

And there are still kittens in the nursery.  This guy is named Rainy.  He came from a stray mom- was born in a shed.  The people who found him started trying to socialize him before he came to the shelter.  I've been spending lots of time with him trying to teach him humans are good.  He is now available for adoption at the shelter. (they so rarely pose for me!)

When I took Rainy in, I came back with these two sweet babies.  They were found in a tire yard, so they have been named Cooper Tyre (the black and white male) and Micha Lynne (calico female). 

Isn't it terribly ironic that in South Carolina, where they have suffered "historic" flooding, they are having a shortage of drinking water.  I could probably find a hundred articles in no time about the importance of fresh clean water to our planet.  We all know this- or should!  But I don't think many people consider what would (will) happen if (when) water shortages become more sever due to climate change.  Living near the Great Lakes, we would probably be right in the middle of that.  I know I'm not prepared- what can I even DO to prepare?  Just one more thing the world needs to consider. sigh

I am grateful for:
Time with my grand babies
A BFF day
Lots of lucky kitties went home from the shelter last week.  (but there are always more if you're looking)
The times I can be calm and diplomatic- using my  best customer service skills.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Summer Quilt Shows

I have been trying to get a post done for each of the quilt shows I attended this year, and never succeeded.  So- as I have nothing much to show for the past few weeks- I am finally just going to share a few of my favorites from all of them.  The irony here is that I plan to attend the Tompkins County guild show this weekend, so will have more pictures to share soon!

June 5,  Genesee Valley Quilt Club show

Artist Alley3 by Jessie Drew-Cates

Redwoods, by Janet Root
 I loved this piece, because it really captures how very tall these trees are!

Mountains, by Randall Cook

Modern Meadow, by Susan Donovan

Nate's Epic Comic Quilt, by Nathan Werth

 I think this one was my favorite because it reminded me of the comics my own son used to draw! (I hope you can read the label above)

July 30- AQS Syracuse Show- which I hope is the first of many years of this caliber show being so close to home.  (Not to mention I hope the show grows a bit!)  I remembered to take pictures of the labels at this show!
Weighted in the Balance, by Marilyn Smith

Of course these colors would make this one of my favorites!

One Cake, Two Cake, Red Cake, Blue Cake, by Linda Neal and Jackie Brown

This quilt was hung very close to a piece called "On This Winter Day", by Nancy Price.   The many people who wanted to spend time looking at these magnificent quilts caused such a back up, there was a white glove lady posted there to direct traffic. 

Persian Panoply, by Jan Frazier

 Just look at the detail (below)!

Ojibwe Jingle, by T Carter

This allows you to see the extreme beading as well as the maker's information! 

Love Beareth All Things, by Cindy Garcia

This was my viewer's choice pick.  It is full of excellent workmanship, plus it just took my breath away- as do all the wonderful reunion videos they like to show on the news.

August 9 -  Caledonia Quilt Guild show.  It was a very nice show, with more quilts than the AQS show had.
It's a Snap, by Margy Hayes
 I've always wanted to do a blended nine patch quilt.  The colors on this one just made me say "ooh"

Nightmare at 2577 Aquares Street, Scrap Fabric, USA

I bet this lady took a scrap therapy class with me at some point.  I am in awe of her using so many of her tiniest pieces!

Joseph's Coat, by Joyce Blowers

I would do a jelly roll race if I had some fabric this fabulous to use!

"Mummy's Little Helper", by Arlauckus.  The mummy is only really visible on the back- and I don't think she mentioned it on her label.  Very Cool.

Bobbly Birds by Cathy Jo Rogers

My green thought is a rerun.  It is time for us all to have to deal with the leaves in our yards.  (Yes, even I have leaves to rake after 20 years of living in a former corn field!)  It is a waste to bag them up and send them to the landfill!  Chop them with the mower, use them to much your trees and shrubs, compost them, or just leave them!  (And don't get me started on leaf blowers!!!)
Here's some good advice for how to do all of it.

I am grateful for:
Cait helping with my shy kitten
Going to the zoo with Guy
I'm done making diapers finally
Wine O'Clock