Thursday, March 31, 2011

One at a time is dull!!

May Basket
I had some time in the studio this week.  it seems like everything I HAVE to get done by a certain date is due in the next three weeks!  So- what to do first?? 
The fun one, of course!  This is the May quilt in the Little Quilts Squared series by The Wooden Bear.  It's bright and happy and I needed something quick and fun to play with!  I have the June block as well.  I didn't get the March one done in time, so now it's back on the bottom of the pile.  It still needs to be quilted and then it gets buttons in the flowers.

Jake's Quilt- Two sections of five
Next up was the quilt I'm making for my step-grandson Jake's graduation.  Needless to say, this is the football player from last fall.  It worked out nicely that the football fabric in this is black and orange, as those are also his school colors!  I'm using the Big EZ Pattern, by Bloom Creek.  I added a bit of length to the original since he is 6'6"!!  It's already on the list at mt Pleasant to be machine quilted, so it has to be ready- with a backing- ASAP!

Crazy Nine Patch blocks
This one has no deadline, but I had already made the first cut so I had to at least sew them back together so they wouldn't get mixed up.  (I can rationalize almost anything!)  I got the Crazy Nine Patch directions at OhFransson!  Easy and fun, plus it uses up some of my larger scraps which have not yet made it into the Scrap Therapy bins. 
The center block is one I made while playing with some random piecing.  I think I'll make it bigger and leave it in the center of this!I kind of like the way the white looks between the blocks, so I may add a light sashing when they are all done.
Doesn't my pincushion collection look so cute on top of my design wall? I love the ducky!

We keep hoping for Spring here, but we keep getting this!  To the left of the tree you can see the shed and part of my perennial bed.  I'm already starting flower seeds, thinking that it's only 6 weeks until I can usually plant.  Stay tuned.

I am grateful for:
The excitement and anticipation  of something new which may be headed my way!
I found those tiny Reese's cups at Tops!
A renewed appreciation for my own music collection!
 Being able to sleep through the night the last couple!
Hubby has been keeping busy. (you all know what I mean, right?)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's in the details!

This cow was parked at the Giant store in Mechanicsburg.  The opportunity to take this picture was too good to pass up!
Mary Lee and I had a great time on our trip to the AQS show in Lancaster last week, even if Mary wasn't feeling very well.  That nasty respiratory bug got her, poor thing!   The weather was awesome!  On Friday, we had our lunch "al fresco" because it was sunny and 75 degrees! (Meanwhile, back in western NY, we got 6 inches of snow yesterday. How rude is that!?!?)
The show was exceptional, if on the small side in my opinion.  I think there were as many vendors as quilts there.  It was laid out a LOT better this year than it was last year, though.  Maybe by next year they'll have it right.  You can see the winners at the AQS website.  Not great pictures, but better than nothing.  They allow photography at the show, but it states the pictures may not be posted online. I am honoring that to a point as I am only posting the close up pictures I took, with the details I think make these quilts worthy of being in this show and the awards they received.
Tournesol, by Laurie Weiner
The stitching on this one is so tiny and precise. I have no idea if she did this freehand or not, but if she did, she's my absolute hero!

Gypsy Rosalie, by Ronda K Beyer
Not only is the quilting amazing on this, but the crystals really accentuate the designs she used for it!

A Love/ Hate Relationship with Paisleys, by Ann L Petersen

The loopy paisley quilting just blew me away!!!

Judy in the Sky with Stitches, by Judy Robinson Ehrnst
Having spent some time playing with Leah's designs, I can understand how hard it was to choose just one- and how fun it was to do all of them!

Moon Over Manhattan, by Teri Lucas
Another hero of mine. This piece was a whole cloth, which looked like the back of a quilt with a Lone Star pieced on the front!  It should have won something, don't you think????

The carpet on the third floor of the convention center was also inspirational to me!

Thanks to my friend Carol, for being a great hostess, guide, fellow fabriholic and for her patience!

I am grateful for:
Being able to go see this show.
Adding to my fabric "retirement fund"
A great time with my BFF.
A perfect day, which I hope is a promise of things to come.
Hot pretzels, kettle corn, chocolate, and a fairly good metabolism.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random piecing and a road trip!

Using the gentle curves piecing technique.  It makes interesting "Seminole!"
I'll be off tomorrow for my road trip with my BFF.  We have never been on this kind of trip.  Hopefully I'll have some interesting tales to tell when I get back.  I keep calling us Thelma and Louise.  (No Brad Pitt or driving off of cliffs, though!) 

I didn't sew much at all last week.  Inspired by Kathi, I did try some random piecing and curvy piecing.  That is a LOT of fun.  I plan to try some more of it soon, and will be using these techniques for the Art C Girlz project!  (see my Jan 13 post for  details)

I an also very interested in knowing how Erin Wilson does all that tiny piecing, having admired her work at the Q = A = Q show the last couple of years.  Needless to say, I have a lot to learn!   

See  you next week!

I am grateful for:
The quilt artists who display their work for "my" enjoyment and inspiration.
The fact that I have friends to play with!
My hubby "letting" me go off on a road trip.
Hearing birds singing in the yard this morning.
Finding a fun new blouse on a clearance rack yesterday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doesn't feel like much, but...

I spent much of the last couple of weeks doing class prep.  I have yet to figure out how to teach a project without making at least part of a second one.  And yet, by doing this, I can spend a whole afternoon in the sewing room and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day.
This is the "story board" for my next class, using the "Posey Tote" pattern, from This and That designs.  It works very well with the squares in my Scrap Therapy bins!  The part at the bottom is the assembled bag half. Easy peasy!

I did get a new case made for my camera this week- to accommodate the extra battery I finally got around to buying!
This was made from one of the demo pieces I did for my paintstik class last summer.  I just added some of my favorite quilting patterns.  This case is my own design- custom made for each camera!

I also finished my new tote bag just in time to take along to Lancaster next week!
This is the "Tabitha Tote" from Serendipity Studios

I am grateful for:
My art group, for their inspiration and the laughter we share!
The return of some of the summer birds to my yard!
Not having to bundle up so much to go outside today.
Sleeping better.
Being in a comfortable rut!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nothing new to report

I had another fairly busy week, so I didn't really accomplish much.    One of my favorite quotes is:
It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can.
-Sydney Smith
That is how I've been approaching my projects the past couple of weeks.  So, eventually I'll have something to show for my time.
I did get my March calendar quilt  finished to post in the office.  It felt like spring when I got it hung up!   Oddly enough, I discovered I don't have many light fabrics which are good for backgrounds in my stash.  I'll have to rectify that when I go to Lancaster in a couple of weeks!
Last Friday I was supposed to teach a class at Mt Pleasant.  This is a view from the end of my driveway from that day.  needless to say I was pleased when the owner called me to say several of the students had called to cancel!  Walking to the end of the driveway to get the paper was bad enough!
The class was for my "Candy Kisses" pattern- my own sort of  Scrap Therapy design.  By the way, if you love Scrap Therapy, look for Joan's book!!!!

The bright spot in the week was finding some Snowdrops in the corner of my flower bed!!  A sure sign of the coming spring!!!

I am grateful for:
Doing nothing with my hubby the other day.
A really good batch of Beef Bourgignon ( made with antelope)
A new (to me) yarn shop in Warsaw!
A slow melt to the snow- which means less mud in the long run.
Time spent reading the Harry Potter books!