Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dark Brown Days

It hasn't been a good week for me. Nothing major. Just all the small stuff that guy told us not to sweat. (I say he got it backwards, by the way- Life is ALL about the small stuff!)
I am taking small victories where I can, though. I managed to get my blocks done for a flower block swap. I'm not actually in the swap, but a friend of mine had to drop out, so I made blocks in her stead. She will still get to play with the ones everyone else made- and hopefully that will cheer her up a bit.

I got the binding on the shop sample for one of my summer Scrap Therapy classes. This one is called "Fly Away". Remember the fabric I was painting with "shiva" paintstiks way back when? I used some of it in this project. I'm not really sure I think the paint adds that much to the overall beauty of the quilt. It's such a large block that almost any fabric would make a statement in those big patches. I was thinking the next one might even need a fabulous Kaffe Fassett print!

I also did another "Iron Quilter" project with my online friends. This time the theme was "Visions of Spring" You had to use earthy colors for a background and then add a picture of something yuou have seen- or wish to see- this spring. It had to include at least one "found object"- something that would otherwise have gone in the trash. My piece is called "Plastic bags Blow" and was based on the field across the street from a store parking lot I saw recently. It includes a real plastic shopping bag and some thread trash- the ends of yardage washed in the machine.

I'm making slow progress in the gardens. Yesterday I worked on cleaning out around my cactus. These came from Wyoming and, although they look pretty sad right now, they will blossom soon and are one of my favorites! Weeding around them is a challenge, though. I found a wonderful tool at the sporting goods store. This is for pulling the hooks out of large fish!

While I was working, I was able to watch these Tree Swallows swoop and soar. Then they'd sit on this house for a while and chatter at eachother- or me, I wasn't sure! They are one of my favorite seasonal birds. Watching them chase bugs on a summer evening is just fascinating!

I am also enjoying the indoor "gardens". Most of my flower seeds have sprouted, so I am envisioning loads of blossoms very soon- well, by July anyway. And the cactus in the house are getting in on the season sending out blossoms with merry abandon. I'm not sure the species of this one. The "Silver Torch" is just beginning to bud. That one is an odd blossom, so I'll get a couple of pictures to share.

I am grateful for:
Friends who will get silly with me!
A patient husband, who really does try to understand my moods.
Chocolate and wine!
I have a job, and it is really not a bad one when I am honest with myself.
Fresh air, sunshine and time to read on the porch.

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