Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painting with thread over painted fabric.

At the workshop I attended with Barbara Murak last month, she showed us all how to paint a floral bouquet, insisting it was something we could all do. I think she brings much joy to people she visits in hospitals by doing this, and she is very good at it. My painting was more a few blobs of color, implying a bouquet only I could see. So I decided to enhance it with thread, rather than trying to add more paint.
I posted pictures from the class, but here is the before picture.

First, I added some definition and shading with colored pencils. I used iron on interfacing and one layer of tear away stabilizer - a papery kind I will not use again!

I used Sulky Rayon thread in the top, and the Coats and Clark fine polyester in the bobbin. I would recommend this thread to anyone who likes "the Bottom Line", as I feel it performed in a similar way.

It is machine quilted with invisible thread. The edges are finished with a facing. I tried doing a mitered facing this time, a technique I need to practice, as it is not as neat as I would like on the back.

I added a few beads here and there to imply the flower center and the pattern of dots on the petals. I took it outside to take the final picture, thinking I would get nice clear colors, but the sun was already turning everything yellow, I guess. ( It has been unbearably hot here this week).

I am grateful for:
Having unscheduled time which allowed me to play in the sewing room.
The air conditioner hubby finally talked me into for the bedroom.
The rare pleasure of having my son home for dinner.
Chai spiced tea- so refreshing! (thanks, Liz!)
The chipmunks have stopped digging up my garden- for now.


  1. I so wish you lived inspire my muse everytime I see your beautiful creations... plus I just plain miss you. :o)

  2. That worked out beautifully. You are so (sew) successfully creative.