Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting back to "normal"

First, I have to clarify- there is no such thing as normal in life. I am like one of those donkeys from the old days- walking a circle day in and day out at the mill, then they set me in the pasture and I still walk in a circle. I'm comfortable doing it, so why change? In other words, I'm happy in a rut. This year, I haven't had a chance to create one. Doesn't look like I'm going to, either. (sigh)

The quilt pictured here was made using this picture Kathi took at my birthday party last month. MaryLee took the picture and turned it into this quilt as a birthday gift! She made one for herself, too- but I had to choose which one to keep!!They are titled BFF

So- I made it back to Guild last week, where we had a fabulous trunk show by Ina Randall, of Amherst (I think?). She has been quilting for a shorter time than I have, but she has truly found her niche! here are a couple of my favorites from her collection.
I did a "convergence" quilt, but didn't recognize this as the same pattern! The other one was made from a pillow from India!

I actually got to sew this week. I'm working on samples for the "Triple Dip" class coming up in a couple of weeks at mt Pleasant. I'm having fun playing with color placement so the students can see their quilt doesn't have to look like mine!

I've also been knitting some leaves, since I finished the second pair of socks from my vacation. They will go on a little linen jacket I have that needs something. I'm getting better at them, but it still took me two evenings to get the aspen leaf done! They need to be blocked so the maple leaves will uncurl, although that makes the look a bit more real, doesn't it?

Ok, time for a test. WHAT IS THIS????? Seriously- what do you see? I made this pincushion for a swap- using a picture I saw and adapted for my felted wool sweaters. It didn't come out as planned, so I'll be re-purposing this wool. But I thought I'd show it and see what you think it is?
(hint- It's something you see a lot of in a sewing room)

I am grateful for:
Some MUCH cooler weather!
Football (even if it's only the Bills)
My hip has ached less the last week or so
People who "get it."
Me time.

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  1. I "get" this too... It's a spool of thread! pretty cool.
    I love the BFF quilt. Love It!