Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random piecing and a road trip!

Using the gentle curves piecing technique.  It makes interesting "Seminole!"
I'll be off tomorrow for my road trip with my BFF.  We have never been on this kind of trip.  Hopefully I'll have some interesting tales to tell when I get back.  I keep calling us Thelma and Louise.  (No Brad Pitt or driving off of cliffs, though!) 

I didn't sew much at all last week.  Inspired by Kathi, I did try some random piecing and curvy piecing.  That is a LOT of fun.  I plan to try some more of it soon, and will be using these techniques for the Art C Girlz project!  (see my Jan 13 post for  details)

I an also very interested in knowing how Erin Wilson does all that tiny piecing, having admired her work at the Q = A = Q show the last couple of years.  Needless to say, I have a lot to learn!   

See  you next week!

I am grateful for:
The quilt artists who display their work for "my" enjoyment and inspiration.
The fact that I have friends to play with!
My hubby "letting" me go off on a road trip.
Hearing birds singing in the yard this morning.
Finding a fun new blouse on a clearance rack yesterday!


  1. Have fun on your excursion!!!!!!

  2. I like random piecing, and using random pieces. Enjoy the road trip.