Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's last dance

As we face the end of another summer, I cannot say I will be broken hearted.  I am not a summer person, although August was nearly perfect: enough rain to keep things green and make gardeing more pleasant, cool nights for sleeping and the heat and humidity haven't come back!  Still, I am ready for the change of seasons.
 Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy the gifts of late summer!

Mr Dragon is smiling because he loves the Chrysanthemums!

The coleus blossoms are fading, but the colors are still glorious

LOVE the texture of the seeds in the center of a sunflower

Busy Bumbles gathering pollen while they can

Pokeweed berries almost ready for the Mockingbirds to gobble up

I've been spending long days in that terribly overgrown section of garden I mentioned earlier in the year.  There was no saving it, so I'm sort of starting over.  I hope the Lupines survive the trauma they have suffered! (The pile of sad looking leaves in the lower right corner are the Lupines)
I am grateful for:
Surviving the end of year purchasing process.
Preseason football (otherwise there'd be NOTHING on tv!)
The occasional day where I can do "nothing"
Hurricane Irene wasn't as bad as they thought she would be.
Audio books

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  1. So that's Pokeweed? Always wondered.
    I agree, not much on TV.