Monday, February 6, 2012

New to me

I got this book late last year. The authors suggest you do a technique a week, which sounded good, so I've been trying to make time to do it.  (they also suggest making each technique into a tiny art quilt which goes into a  book.  Wish I had the time and inclination for that, but...)  The fabrics are out of my scrap basket, which explains why some are weird or not quite appropriate for the technique.

The first section is sort of background - or "foundation" techniques.

So far, I have tried a fused weaving technique, which I loved!

The tuck techniques are easy, but I'm not sure I'll have a place for them in my work any time soon

Inserting bits and pieces into the tucks could come in handy.

Making bubbles and wrinkles was LOTS of fun.(even if I'm not sure how I'd use it )

I kind of like the "deconstructed" crazy quilting.  Anytime I can use sparkly threads and fun stitches is fine with me.

I finally got to work on the quilting on that gorgeous spiral fabric. I'm having fun with this, too.   This will hang in my office when it's done.  The sun and moon is kind of what the program director had chosen as a trademark for the "sleep" program.

The Green Tip this week is one that will not help our economy, but it will save you money and help preserve our resources.  The media tries to convince us everyday that we "need" the newest of everything. We do NOT.  So before you toss a perfectly good (insert item here) , ask yourself if you really NEED a new one.  If you answer yes, remember someone else may think your old one is the newest and best!!  Pass it on!

I am grateful for:
A nice call from Guy!
It was a pretty good game even if the wrong team won.
The luxury of play time.
Being a friend.

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  1. Looks like a good book to browse through. I like to deconstruct orphan blocks into backgrounds for new projects.
    The spiral fabric is looking gorgeous.