Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend update

I was the lucky winner of a pattern and fabric kit from Jane Sassaman's blog a couple of weeks ago.  The prize was delivered last week.  Since I'm a pre-washer, the fabrics went right into the washer.  Liza found them fresh from the dryer.  Cats seem to have evolved a special sense so they know when there is fabric or a quilt they haven't slept on yet in the house, don't you think?

I decided the "Rule Breaking" quilt did indeed need beads.  So I've been playing with that a lot of evenings this week.
I add a little then look at it and say

 Maybe a little of this,

then look again and say Now it needs....



Now that I've gotten started, I'm not sure I'll know when to stop! One friend from the Guild said if the quilt is too heavy to lift, I'm done!

I am finally quilting the last 2 sections of the "Liberated" project.  (Are you sick of this project??? I know I am ready to be done with it!)
Leah was talking about layering and basting using elastic a while back.  I decided to give it a whirl.  This long skinny piece wasn't the best first thing to try it on, but I can see where it will save wasting the masking tape once I get more elastic!

If you look closely you can see the pin securing tools my friend Dodie devised. (not sure what name she decided on.)  I've looked at "pinmoors", but am too cheap to pay those prices.  Dodie came up with the idea of cutting up the thick craft foam in the kids' crafts section of Michael's and JoAnn's instead!  Works like a dream!

I am leading an activity for the ArtCGirlz tomorrow evening.  As part of that, I made a color wheel (sort of) out of scrap therapy squares.  I may sew them together and use them as a reference for future projects!

Thinking Green this time, I want you to ask the fishermen in your life to please be careful of where they leave their fishing line and other fishing gear when they go out on the lakes to enjoy their hobby this time of year.

I am grateful for:
The patience it took to get blogger to put my pictures where I wanted them. :-)
Taking the first step in getting to visit Guy this summer.
All the useful information one can find on the internet.
One week of no meds and no pain!
A more gentle change of seasons.

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