Monday, August 20, 2012

I love to colorize!

I was the kid who upon opening a new box of crayons would take them all out and rearrange them so they were in their proper color order.  When I worked at Joann, I was obsessed with keeping the calico wall in it's proper order.
 And now I arrange all of my supplies by color as well.  Today I put my rayon threads into their new organizer- by color of course. 
Oh NO!  That grey one is in the wrong spot- how did that happen!!!) I'm sure if that must say something about my personality- even if it's just that I'm anal-retentive.

Last week a friend who I had helped with a knitting lesson thanked me with a big box of chocolates from Oliver's candies.  I never accept payment for things like this, but told her I never say no to chocolate- thinking of a bag of Hershey kisses. 
It's true- chocolate is the cure- no matter the 'illness"
(except maybe my a-r/ OCD- above)

I have nothing new to show this week since I had absolutely NO sewing time!  Imagine- a whole week without even sitting down at my sewing machine!!!!  I don't remember doing anything wrong, but it felt like punishment.

My Green Tip this time is a simple one:
Remember to unplug the chargers from the wall.  These small devices can be "energy vampires".
 Actually there are many things you should unplug.  I can hear a faint hum from the speakers of my cd player if it's plugged in when it's turned off- so obviously it's drawing power! 

I am grateful for:
George is settling in little by little.
Having something to offer
Hugs- which I heard once called an "emotional Heimlich"
The people who adopt the kittens I fostered.
The relaxation techniques which helped me at the dentist today

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