Monday, February 11, 2013

Zentangle a day

Following up on last week's post in a way.
When I first started doing zentangle, I did it every day.  I was learning, improving my repertoire of patterns, enhancing my skill.  Plus it is just a relaxing and meditative thing to do.  I don't always make time to meditate as I should, but I will sit down with a pen and create a small piece of art.  But as time went on things changed and I stopped doing it as often.  When I did pick up a tile and a pen, I was often dissatisfied with the results.  I was out of practice.  One of the blogs I read mentioned a book called One Zentangle a Day, by  Beckah Krahula. I looked at it several times at Amazon, but it was near the holidays and so I talked myself out of it.
A couple of weeks ago, I decided I was worth it after all.  I'm lucky to have found Karen's Yarn, Paper Scissors in Batavia a while back.  Small shop with lots to offer, actually- if you haven't stopped in yet.Anyway, she has zentangle supplies!  So I didn't even have to wait for the package to arrive.  :-)

Even though I am somewhat experienced, I am doing every exercise in the book as if I was brand new to the art.  This is a page from my sketch book, where each day there are new patterns (tangles) to learn, and sometimes an enhancement as well. Some of the "tangles" don't appeal to me, but learning them may benefit me later on. 

 After practicing, you create a "tile"- what they call the small squares we use for the art.
Sadly, the scanned images don't show the shading very well. 
 Here are my daily tiles for the past few days.  Not all masterpieces, but that isn't the point, is it? 
Day 2
Day 3
Day 5
Day 6
 In all forms of creativity,at least part of the enjoyment should be the process.
 It has taken me a long time to learn that!

Is your home sealed up from the winter winds?  Something as simple as outlet covers could cut your heat loss and reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home!  Every little bit helps!

  I am grateful for:
The beauty of the sun shining on a fresh layer of snow, making the world sparkle.
The luxury of time to spend on my creative pursuits.
Chicken enchiladas
A conversation with my son.
The people who adopt my foster babies and give them good homes!

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