Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two at a Time Socks

A while back, a friend and I were discussing different methods for knitting socks.  I had been wanting to give the two at a time method a whirl, so took the plunge and bought a long sock needle.  This is known as the "Magic Loop" method.  I decided to start small and make a pair of socks for Jonathan. He never wore the tiny ones I made since I was thinking tiny baby and he was not. 

Let me tell you, casting on the first time was an adventure!  I got the tails of two balls of yarn tangled with the working yarn and laughed so hard I nearly needed oxygen!
I say the first time because I decided to add a few more stitches after measuring Jonathan's little legs- which are 7 inches around where I figured socks should end!!  I also used the estonian cast on the second time for more stretch. (Note my links are photo tutorials and not videos.  I can't learn from videos because I have to watch, pause, back it up watch again....  I can't do it and watch!  With photos, you stop at the photo you want look to see if you're doing it right- no fuss no muss)

So, being a seasoned veteran at socks, I didn't have a pattern, just got going, made the leg as long as I wanted and the went to turn my heels.  OOOPS- how do you do THAT two at a time????  Turns out, you don't.  You do one, then the other then go back to working around both socks.

 Here they are all finished!  I was using scrap yarn, so it was lucky I had the solid for the toes and heels or I don't think I'd have made it. 

And here is Jonathan modeling his brand new socks! 
He looks like he's trying to get down off the couch, right?  He pushes with his elbows to sit up, then tips over.  Right after I shot this, he face planted.  :-)

The United Nations is holding a "Sustainable Development Summit" this month.  At their website, you can vote for the issues that matter to you, find out more about the issues, choose your favorite goals and share them on social media.  Like this:

Mine is goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production.
I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that "recovering usable resources from the waste stream" isn't on their list.  I think that HAS to be in our future. 

I am grateful for:
Lots of cuddle time with Jonathan- who seems to like "A Horse With no Name"!
An end to the intolerable heat and humidity we had for a couple of weeks.
I'm almost done sewing diapers at long last!
Guy will be home this weekend.
Being able to help.


  1. Jonathan is getting to be such a big boy!! Lucky you!

  2. When did Jonathan decide to go from little baby to young man? He is so grown up looking!