Monday, March 6, 2017

I had a good time at retreat!

 This is my home away from home for four days at the Museum Quilt Guild's annual retreat at the Asbury retreat center on Silver Lake Feb 23 - 25.  I took this picture before I started working- that's why it's clean.  :-)

I love sitting by the window so I can gaze out at the lake now and then.

My first project was blocks for the collection we made to give one of the girls who recently got married.  I guess I'm not very good at wonky.

Then I got out the Folded Leaf Topper I had packed and taken to the retreat in PA last September!  It's a fun and easy project, so I'll be making more.  Place your order early.  :-)

In cleaning up some projects last year, I made these placemats with the leftovers from a baby sized quilt.  I got there and realized I had forgotten binding fabric, but the backing was big enough to wrap around to the front!  (And they're finished!!!)

A couple of the girls said having a mate under their machine made it vibrate less on the light weight tables we use.  So I used the scraps from Melanie's blocks to make one.  No pockets on mine since I know  I'd get caught on them and pull the whole thing off the table at some point.
 Kathi had been doing walking foot quilting, using a wavy stitch the machine I brought doesn't have.  I used the blind hem stitch, which I kind of like!

We took a nice walk on Friday when it was 70 degrees!  The ice melted off the lake by the end of the day.

This is my UFO #24- part of a seasonal series.  I brought all the fabrics I needed, but not the threads.  Fortunately I had to run home ( a 15 minute drive for me)to feed my girlies (cats), so I grabbed what I needed and got this finished!!

Just for fun, I threw the supplies for another "curious creature" in the bin at the last minute.  The pom pom eyes were in my embellishment bin.

 Sunday morning brought winter back to us for the last day.

The seagulls on the lake didn't seem to mind once the sun came out.

 My last project is another set of placemats.  Someone gave me the fabric- samples they won at some quilting event. I will donate them to the "Furball" later this year to help raise money for the shelter.

I'm already looking forward to next year's retreat!!!

I made a donation to the NRDC last week on the day the news broke funding is being slashed for the EPA.  I can't begin to say how devastating it will be if the progress made in the past 30 - 40 years stops here.  Choose an organization you think is worthy and let them know you want to help them fight this madness.

I am grateful for:
A few days of non-stop sewing.
My hubby doesn't mind me enjoying this little slice of heaven every year.
Not having to cook for several days!
Great memories made.
Crossing something off the UFO list!

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