Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fairy Houses

 Due to a number of- let's call them distractions- I haven't had a lot of sewing time lately.  But, inspired by the visit to Tinker Nature park, Kiara and I decided my yard could use some fairy houses!

In the little grove where my hammock sits, I discovered a deer rub on one of the trees that we thought would make a great fairy door.  A little paint, a little rope and some twigs are all it needed.  

The door knob is a decorative upholstery tack.

One of the Poplars dies some years ago, so we figured the fairies could move into the stump. (don't tell Kiara, but there are ants living in it).  I found a hunk of an old broken branch to use as a roof, and added a little swing. 

Hubby helped me make steps and made a really cool door for the house.  

Of course the door opens.  I painted the surface of the tree black with a sort of path going in.  Maybe it needs a little porch there, since the door would knock anyone off that top step?  Maybe I'll wait and see if the fairies issue any complaints.  
Working in the garden has been a challenge.  We had nearly four inches of rain last week!  It's like making mud pies. 

I was happy to read several reports of this type after my last post.  That man can spout all the bluster he wants, but there is a momentum he cannot stop!

I am grateful for:
Caring professionals.
The best possible outcome.
Overcoming my fear of the worst and hoping for the best.
A friend with chocolate.
A husband who entertains my silliness.

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