Sunday, February 2, 2020

Year in Review, Part II (better late than never)

Boy, did January go by fast!  And the next few weeks are going to be as much of a blur- but that's another story. 
So, when I tallied up the projects from last year, I was not surprised to find I did not have as much to show for the year as I would have liked. 

So the totals look like this...
Knit/ Crochet : 24 critters/ amiguri
                          3 Wearables
                          2 miscellaneous (at the moment I can't think what that means)
I had the most fun making the little creatures!

Quilting: 4 bed- type quilts (one was a baby quilt)
               16 wall hanging type quilts (9 were the artcgirlz project)
                1 home decor 

I tried some new things, which I enjoyed and will try again.  The face collage, for one.

Sewing projects included two apparel projects, a couple of little crafty things (I'm not sure what those are at the moment either), and a couple of pillows.

I also fostered four sweet babies- one of whom has made this her permanent home.  

It was a great year, for new things. 

I took a class with Maria Shell and am hoping to get back to playing more with her techniques. 

I got to spend a couple of fun days with Linda M Poole, who is a very nice and very funny person!  And I learned I can paint, so I hope to do more of that as well. 

I learned to draw pretty little pictures I can color and turn into greeting cards, or just enjoy. 

And, of course, the best part of the year was any time I could spend with these blessings! 
Kiara is growing up and has gotten so busy I feel like I barely get to see her at all. 
Jon is in school now, so I'm learning how to fit into his schedule. 
Everett has had to settle for when Jon allows Oma to stop for a few minutes.  Now that he can join in our play, I hope it will get easier. 
As with my own children, they will grow too fast and no longer want to spend time with an old lady.  But I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.  Grandchildren allow you the luxury of just being with them, but it shows how much I missed when my boys were small.

It has been a very hard week, emotionally.  To have it demonstrated for the world to see that our democracy is no longer for, by or of the people. To know that, as long as they can keep getting all the money and power, and destroying this planet, nothing that man does will be too much for them. 

This cartoon is perfect- justice being raped.  I feel again how I felt in November of 2016 when over 3 million people's votes were over-ruled.  Then I was angry and vowed to be heard.  Now I just want to hide away from it. 

In spite of that...

I am grateful for:
My sweet babies.
Fresh baked bread
People I can laugh with
The people who are making things better.
Only 7 days until Guy and Anna arrive!

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