Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I did it again

I forgot to be grateful again in my last post. Strange that I keep forgetting this in my posts. I begin each day by making an entry in my gratitude journal. It is a way to draw positive energy to you- and maybe eventually stop focusing on the negative things in our daily lives.

On that note, I was on my way to teach a class last Saturday morning and had gotten a bit frazzled on my way out the door. So- not wanting to bring that with me into the class, I did a bit of creative visualization in the car and imagined that negativity draining away from me as I drove down the road. But it made me wonder- where did it go after that? It started a whole thought process on the fact that so many of us forget to see the good things around us. We feel the negative more than the positive- at least I know I do. So we are creating this negative energy. Could that be where so many of the problems in the world come from? I know how nutty that makes me sound. I don't care. Isn't it amazing to think that if more people focused on the good things in the world, there might be MORE of them???? That is power!!!

So, today I wrote in my journal that I am grateful for having too many choices of what to wear- even when I don't want to wear any of it. ( I am having hot flashes with some regularity and it is SO hard to know what may give me some level of comfort during and after.)
I am grateful for a husband who wants to know what time to expect me home from my travels because he worries about me
I am grateful that my stepson and I can have a nice chat on the phone when he calls for his dad. who isn't home.
I'm even grateful for the long winter season we have here. (I get more sewing done in the winter.)
And, as always, I am grateful for being able to count so many wonderful people as friends!

Since I like blogs with pictures, I am including an inspiration photo. Just something pretty to look at.

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