Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sew, what's new?

Sorry for the punny title. I heard one of those jokes this morning and it has me thinking in puns now.

This week has been much less busy- and far more satisfying- than the last one. It began on Sunday before the Superbowl when I found the time to get most of the rest of the quilting done on my dandelion quilt.

And wasn't that a GREAT game? Finally- a Superbowl that lived up to its name. And who will ever forget the picture of Drew Brees holding his baby son with tears in his eyes?

So, anyway, I finished the piece on Monday, just in time to take to the meeting of my little art group on Tuesday. (We will have a better name someday) This was started in a class I took last June with Jane Sassaman. It is based on a picture I took in the lawn here on campus. The blue flowers are a form of Speedwll, I think. My own yard is much the same, so I am thinking fo titling this piece, "Weeds? No, that's our Lawn".

The art group is preparing for our first show in July. One piece we are working on as a group is a picture of a convulvulus flower that we chopped apart. Here are the finished sections so far tacked up on my design wall. Aren't they fabulous?!!!

Another new addition in my sewing world is an old dress form I am calling Edith. She is wearing a dress I would guess to be close to 90 years old. I would love to replicate the dress- isn't it glorious? Sadly, it has some rot on it due to the fact that special care fabrics were not laundered back then, but only aired out. (Kind of disgusting when you think about it)

Currently I am working on the teaching samples for a class this weekend. After that I should start working on the next shop sample. But a flash of inspiration hit this morning for my section of the flower, so all bets are off.

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  1. LOVE that Sassaman piece!
    Edith is also cool....that dress is absolutely you!