Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiration everywhere

So far I am LOVING spring! I can't work in the gardens yet, because it's so muddy, but I can enjoy the early blossoms! The bees were out in force yesterday afternoon. I always amazes me that they are there for the very first blooms of the season! I got a chuckle out of the fact that some blossoms had two bees on them, and one guy was doing his best to get into a flower that hadn't even opened yet!

We are still moving from room to room as the carpet is installed. My bedroom looks like a furniture warehouse! And I am suddenly aware of what the sewing room would look like if I couldn't use the guest room as well. Hard to believe I was once satisfied with that tiny space. I should have take a picture of it to share, but I couldn't get far enough into the room to take a picture!

I have managed to get some work done in between the packing and repacking and unpacking.
Somewhere recently I read of a woman who uses her leftover bits of sock yarn to make shoelaces. I just had to try it, but since sock yarn seemed a bit fragile I got some thin nylon twine at the Hobby Lobby. I'm going to have to make another pair for my step-granddaughter now!

I also got the quilting finished on a piece I started around 5 years ago. I never quilted it because- as usual, I couldn't decide how to do it. Last spring I layered this and was planning to just hand quilt around each applique shape. I didn't end up getting started on this for a variety of reasons, so it sat for several months. Then I found Leah Day's 365 filler stitches blog. I was inspired to make this quilt a little more interesting and try to improve my skills at the same time. This is the result.
The center designs are some of the ones Leah has shared, but the borders were my own designs. My quilting will not win awards, but I like the way it turned out.
I call this piece "Raspberry Creamsicle". The colors were inspired by a piece of fabric with these colors; but I don't think that I ended up using it in the quilt.

I am grateful for:
Sunshine and time to get out to enjoy it.
The rare times I find a true rhythm while machine quilting and it just feels right.
Sharp scissors for the times it's not right.
The birds singing, especially the mockingbird who seems to live right outside the front door.
Time spent with family last weekend.


  1. I love how the colours flow in that wall hanging.

  2. I LOVE that w-h. You know where I live, could you please hand-deliver it? ;o)

    Seriously-- I know you probably told me/us, but pattern or book source?

    Wishing I had your blooming flowers. Snowed here yesterday AGAIN!