Thursday, March 11, 2010

Save the Ladybugs!!!

The temperature has suddenly risen to way above normal for here in western NY. It has given me the chance the last few days to rescue some of the resident ladybugs. Poor confused little things. In the fall, when it gets cold out, the search for warm places, and wander into the house in droves. Most cannot withstand the dry heat inside the house. It's sad how many we find in nooks and crannies when cleaning. They get into the sinks for water and get drowned when we turn on the faucet! So I am happy to be able to rescue some of them. By placing them outside now they at least stand a chance of fulfilling their little ladybug destinies. And since I always place them in the gardens, the hope is that they repay me by eating the bad bugs when the flowers come up!
Speaking of flowers, the snowdrops have emerged at last! These are planted just outside the back door so I will be sure to see them as soon as they can push out of the snow every year. Behind them is an old pair of sneakers with hens and chicks. They have rooted themselves to the ground and cannot be moved to a more protected spot in the winter.
I also found one single crocus. I know soon there will be hundreds of them, but that one just made my day.

In the sewing area there is a great upheaval right now because we are having carpet installed. The man who came to measure remarked that "there is a lot of stuff in that room"- my tiny work room, where the stash lives, billowing out onto the floor most days. I have been trying to purge some of it before I get moved back in, but now I also have to empty the guest room/ studio for the next round. I hope those people on that de-clutter tv show don't get wind of this mess!

I did manage to get something accomplished last weekend. I finally made my section of the flower the art group is working on for our display in July. I used fabrics I found in my "non-traditional" fabric bin. There is two layers of synthetic organza, white moire, yellow silk and plaid taffeta. I had fun creating this piece and discovered it wasn't as hard as I had allowed myself to think it would be.
Look how beautiful our flower is so far! It will be placed on a quilted background for display.

This week I am grateful for:
Snowdrops and crocus, obviously!
The summer birds I heard singing in the field yesterday, including red-winged blackbirds and mockingbirds.
The luxury of time spent with friends.
Getting to spend time with my son last weekend.
Fewer and less severe hot flashes thanks to a new supplement I tried.


  1. I always talk to the crocuses to let them know how happy I am to see them.
    We did not get any spring flowers planted here, although I am hoping my transplanted lilac, cherry trees and Rose of Sharon will offer me buds.

    I really like the facets of the pansy!

  2. I finally saw a crocus at my house today!
    I just love those shoelaces!