Thursday, October 21, 2010

The show was a blast- thank goodness it's over!

Last week was the Museum Quilt Guild's biennial "Stitches in Time" quilt show. Anyone who has ever been part of a quilt show can agree with the title of this post! It was four very long days of hard work, fun and fellowship with guild members and other quilts and shopping- of course there was shopping. I would never give it up, but I was TIRED at the end!
I put up pictures, and captioned as many as I could here. (It's snapfish again, so I hope you saved your password from the last time). I didn't get pictures of my own quilts, except in group shots. But you've seen them all before anyway, right?

I was happy- and VERY surprised to win an award for my machine quilting - of all things- on two of my pieces. One is this piece I made for the "Thirty something and a Pearl" challenge, titled I (heart) Pansies. I struggled so with machine quilting when I first started to do it, that it is a wonderful feeling to be recognized for it now!

I was also very happy for my BFF MaryLee, who won awards for the BFF quilts she made- here you can see them side by side.

The high point of the show was the chance to meet and spend time learning from George and Virginia Siciliano, here shown holding the block we were making in class. I can't believe I didn't take a better picture of it, but you can see the project at George's website. Look for "Twirling Logs" on the page for George's classes. (there isn't a separate link for the workshops)

The first picture is the progress I made in class- about 4 hours. The other one is where it is as of today. Needless to say it will be a while before I have the project finished.

I am grateful for:
Warm Fall days to finish up outside.
A patient man who tries to understand.
A nice long talk with Guy.
The luxury of spending whole days at the sewing machine.
teamwork and cooperation.

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