Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting back in the groove!!!

So, where was I when I last wrote? I think on the 6th round of my block from the class, right? I'm happy to report I finished that block. I may even have been getting better at this technique by the end. Now I only have to make 3 more of these to complete the project. (there are 121 pieces in each block)

As shown on the website, the completed piece has different colors in the center of the design.

I liked that, so I chose some interesting stuff to go in that spot. I got the block done and looked at it in my mirrors to see a preview of the quilt.

HMMMM, maybe I'd like it better with all the same fabrics as shown on the pattern cover? I turned the mirrors and decided I did like that better. So I took off those last two pieces and replaced them.

I'd place links here, but everything at the website has the same link. For the class project, look for "Twirling Logs" on the George's classes page. For the pattern, look for "Cosmos" on the patterns page.

Meanwhile, I still have to get things ready for the scrap quilt classes I'll be teaching after the first of the year. (Did I mention we'll be doing our own thing, in addition to continuing to carry the Scrap Therapy patterns?)

This is the first one I have adapted to the squares I already have cut. I saw this quilt at the "In the Beginning" fabric website and thought it would be perfect for my squares! Now that it's pieced I'm not so sure I love the black squares with my fabrics. I think it will be named "Candy Kisses". (anyone have a better suggestion?)
Notice all the pincushions made by the "pocket people"! Aren't they wonderful?

We have at least one more football game to attend before Jake's season is over. Then I look forward to long sewing weekends every week for a while. Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to finish the things on my 2010 UFO list before 2011 arrives????

I am grateful for:
Getting things done.
A bonus warm day with the windows open in the house.
80's music (it's silly, but I love it).
Playing with my fabric, even when I don't love the result.
An unscheduled week.

1 comment:

  1. A. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the swirly block/quilt. You know where to send it! ;o)

    B. I like the black centers in the other. Don't like the border fabric, maybe it needs a black border with varigated thread swirly quilting on that to bring it all together? Just what I would do. Send me the top and I'll learn to live with it. lol

    I gave up on my 2010 list long time ago.... I am just glad I have bff's quilt top done. Now I need to get it to her mil for the quilting and I MUST start dgd3's quilt before she is born.

    Missing you in the Pocket & emails. Next week should be calmer.... I hope. :o)