Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with leftover sock yarn?

First, it is now winter here in Western NY. I LOVE this wet snow we get this time of year. It sticks to everything, making it feel like I live in a snow globe. If you can bear to be out in it, the world is so quiet and peaceful. In my own back yard, the birds chirping in the trees and occasional plops of snow falling off the branches are the only sounds. I took this as we drove home from grocery shopping yesterday. (hubby was driving!) I was a little miffed at the weathermen for telling me it wouldn't snow until later in the day, but the beauty of the scenery silenced that.

A friend who knows I knit socks asked me recently what I do with the leftover yarn. So I went through some old pictures to show you just exactly how deep my insanity runs. :-)

It was near the holidays when I was first knitting socks. I had also knitted some mittens, so I figured out how to make them smaller and made ornaments. I made hats, too, but can't find pictures of them.

Then the snowman and bunny needed new hats.

The tiny sock earrings were made using the "Los Lobe Hose" pattern, by Carol's Sockery.

They use size 0000 needles, pictured here with the tiny sweater I made for an even tinier bunny- a pin I picked up at one of the crafts stores.

Then, just to see if I could, I made this tiny mitten. ( just the one!)

There are plenty of ideas out there. I have also done a fish and a snake, but don't have pictures of them. If you have any favorites, please share them!

I am grateful for:
My "knight in shining armor"
My new printer is all hooked up!
Being just outside of the lake effect snow belts
Christmas decoration
Nuthatches at my bird feeder

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