Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year in Review!

I'm a list maker, since I have such a poor memory. In the back of my little daily memo book, I keep a list of the projects I've completed throughout the year. It's nice to have that record to look back on so I can really appreciate how much I do. Most of the time I feel like I must be moving in slow motion, since nothing ever seems to be finished!

At the beginning of the year, I created a list of UFO's to finish this year. Now that I'm sitting here typing, of course I cannot find the original list. My best estimation says there were 8 things on the list, since I found 7 UFO's completed!! I am proud to say I crossed all but one off the list! (the butterfly I was showing a few weeks ago.) I have slowly whittled away at my UFO pile so that the total is now around a dozen! That's down from 30 or so a few years ago. (Of course, that doesn't count the barely begun projects or the PIGS!*)

So, here are my grand totals:
Art quilts projects: 7
Other quilts: 9
Samples for classes/ demos: 4
Quilt Tops: 3
Quilty things JUST FOR FUN: 5 (more than I would have guessed!)
Scrap Therapy projects: 3
Garments (includes several pairs of Boxers): 12
Accessories: 7
Knitted accessories: 10
Socks: 9 pairs!
Gifts (many are small items): 29
Miscellaneous mending and utilitarian items: 4

I did a LOT this year! That makes me smile! Here's to an equally productive new year. (the only change I'd make is more things just for fun rather than for deadlines!)

On the 2011 UFO list so far:
An old BOM
Finishing my "liberated" project
Twirling Logs- from George Siciliano's class
TWO One Block Wonder projects!
I also have to try to finish my challenge for Guild in 16 days, and get a quilt made for Jake's graduation in June.

* PIGS= Projects in Grocery Sacks. :-)
I'd like to thank those of you who have left comments, and mentioned reading/ enjoying my blog! I hope you'll find it worth coming back for next year, too!

I am grateful for:
The luxury of sewing just because I love doing it!
A bright red Cardinal in a frosty tree this morning.
A bright blue sky and sunshine on the rare appearances it makes here!
My ever patient husband.
The universe is taking care of Guy for me!

See you next year!

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