Monday, April 18, 2011

A lost week?

It's snowing today- pretty hard, actually.  There's a bit of it on the ground, which is creating a fair amount of grumbling here in Western NY about the fact that the one warm and sunny day we had was a very quick summer.  I, however, decided to find Spring where I can.  So I picked a small bouquet of daffodils from my garden this morning.  In spite of today's snow, it really IS Spring, if I can enjoy fresh picked flowers!

Last week flew by and I didn't have much time for creative endeavors.  However, at the ArtCGirlz meeting last Tuesday, Sharon gave us all a lesson in creating fabric using a flour paste resist.  This is a picture of one of Sharon's experiments.  Different types of paint make more or less of an impact.

Sharon was also kind enough to provide each of us with a prepared piece of fabric to play with.  here is mine. I tried a few different paints.  The teal is "Dye-na-flow".  The others are acrylics.

One is supposed to wait a week for the paint to cure, but I am an impatient person.  I washed the resist out on Sunday.  It is not a very successful first attempt, I'm afraid. 

Never fear, I will not give up.  So what contrasts with purple?  Orange? Lime green?  Perfect!  I have been wanting to try the Sharpie tie dyeing I read about a few weeks ago.

Here is what this piece of fabric looks like right now.  I'm waiting for it to dry. Stay tuned for more of the experiments in my mad scientist lab-OR-atory!

I am grateful for:
A really good grilled cheese sandwich.
A great meeting of the quilt guild last weekend!
Hearing from far away family.
Several good nights' sleep.
Time to play and materials to play with.

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  1. The Sharpie dyeing looks like great fun. Thanks for posting the link!