Thursday, April 21, 2011

The results

The cutest little Easter bunnies ever!
I thought you might be as impatient as I was to see the flour paste painting results.
The only other thing I've managed to do this week is making a few of these teeny bunnies.  Another fun project from the folks at mochimochiland!   They are easier than they look.

As for the painting, I am having mixed feelings about the results.

I like the way the swirly parts came through,  but the crackles are still less obvious than I would have hoped.

Again, the pattern I made in the flour is nice, but....
too much blank space left. 
I also had an awful time getting all the flour paste washed out.  It wouldn't crack off dry and wet it turned back into goop- and with the color I chose to paint, I bet you can guess what it reminded me of!

The Sharpie dyeing was more successful.  I like how the crackly parts are mostly in the green sections.

We're still waiting for Spring to decide to stay for more than one day.  The trees are getting a green tint where the leaf buds have popped!  I am anxious to see the blooms on my flowering crab this year.  It looks like it will be loaded this year- finally!!

I am grateful for:
The promise of better days soon.
The end of a very busy stretch.
My baby flowers are all doing well.
Only another few days until the start of the next chapter!

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