Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Critters and UFO's and wearable art!

 A jacket by Paula Schultz, Inspired by Matisse.
I haven't had much sewing time myself lately, so I really enjoyed a day of sewing with friends and being inspired at the meeting of the Museum Quilt Guild last weekend.

Paula from Cottons, etc in Oneida brought a great selection of her award winning work.  The "runway addicts" projects are LOTS of fun, and you'll never look at a fishing lure the same way again!

Those aren't beads, they are swivels for fishing lures!

After the jacket I made which gave me such headaches, I shouldn't be thinking of trying another garment anytime soon.  But I sure got a lot of great ideas that are wanting to come out and play!

Can this garden be saved????
It has been a tough year in the garden so far.  First it was so wet I couldn't work the soil.  The weeds got a giant head start and are laughing at my attempts to catch up.   Now I am also battling the critters!
As you know, I couldn't work the one bed because of the baby robins, who flew away last week.  I hope they're ok out in the big bad world!
Then a varmint of some sort decided to start digging up the plants in my flower pots on my porches.  (The same flowers I grew FROM SEED on a table in my dining room last winter!)  I have been patient, filling in the holes, spraying tabasco in an effort to deter them.  But today I found some of my zinnias tossed out of the pots and left to die. This means all out war. ( and I know where there are some varmint guns!)

Add to that a raccoon who decided to go swimming in the grease trap on my grill.

Maybe living out in the boonies with the critters isn't as charming as I've been led to believe.

After the Guild meeting a few of us stayed to work on UFO's.  This weekend, some of my internet quilting buddies will be working on them, too.  Maybe I can get SOMETHING done??? (if it rains so I can stay inside for a while)

I did manage to get the quilt I made for my step grandson's High School graduation done a whole week early!! It's a pattern called "The Big EZ" by Bloom Creek.  The fabrics are all football themed since we have so enjoyed watching him play the past few years.  Coincidentally, his school colors were black and orange.

I am grateful for:
A nice boss who is keeping me so busy at work she has to remind me it's time to go home.
My sons who are both thoughtful men.
Ice Cream with hot fudge sauce.
A few hours in my hammock.
Cool nights so I can sleep.

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