Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spending all my time in the garden

  I have lots of frogs and toads in the gardens- little resin and pottery statues.  None of them hop around and scare me half to death, though.

I was watering the baby plants and found a squatter in the flower pots!   I guess I don't have to worry about bugs eating that one.

This  Clematis is right off the screen porch at the back of my house

I had planned to trim the clematis when I was first able to get out to the gardens, but look what I found.  The robins squawking in the tree confirmed who this belonged to.  It had one egg in it the day I found it- somewhere around May 18. I haven't worked in this flower bed since making this discovery, except to peek in the nest when I knew the momma wasn't there.  I kept hoping every day to hear the tweeting of baby birds through the open window.  Finally, on June 3, I peeked in and saw babies!
Judging by their color I think they were fresh from the shell!  Only three of the four hatched, apparently.

I go out every day and annoy the parents by peeking in the nest and taking a picture.  I'm amazed at how fast they are growing!
Day 3

Day 4

Today, June 9
I won't dare to keep doing this much longer for fear of scaring them out of the nest prematurely.

Other than gardening, I enjoyed going to the "Diamond Jubilee" quilt show held by the Genesee Valley Quilt Club last week. We went to cheer on Kathi, who took part in the "Iron Quilter" event- and WON first place- a new Bernina sewing machine!  I am also proud (and jealous as heck!) of my BFF, Mary, who won a third place ribbon at the show! (See her picture here)

I am grateful for:
Being able to be outside to enjoy the "neighbors".
Air conditioning in my bedroom last night!
Talented friends to inspire me.
Not needing to watch the clock at work anymore.
Ice cream with peanut butter sauce

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  1. Come back and help me build a garden, please. I love your day.
    ...and watching the babies grow...