Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Business!

Kathi, me and Anita!

Anita's Xcentric/Concentric block quilt
Anita Grossman Soloman visited the Museum Quilt guild last week!
We enjoyed her company for three days.  As the workshop chair, it was my pleasure to be her hostess.  She is fun and witty and gracious!

Elaine, Kathi, Anita and Dodie at our welcome dinner

In addition to the presentation at the meeting, many of the members-myself included!- were lucky enough to take classes with Anita.
Blocks made by class participants

The class I took was the one for the Xcentric block quilt shown at the top of the page. It's a fun process that will have us all buying striped fabrics to play with!

I used all the same fabric for my blocks.  This is what I got done in class.  Hopefully there is enough fabric to make a quilt some child will enjoy dragging around.

When I got home, I was playing with a border stripe I had used for something else and got these blocks.  They might end up as a bag, if I can find a nice coordinate for a lining.

Anita also gave a slideshow and trunk show at the regular meeting for those who couldn't take the classes to enjoy.  There are more pictures of this, plus the monthly show and tell (or there will be very soon!) at the guild's blog.
Now that I'm done with this project, I am hoping to spend an entire weekend sewing.  So, don't call me- I won't answer.

I am grateful for:
Winning the boss lottery
Being treated like a rock star by the members of the Yorktowne Quilt Guild
The stomach bug I had Sunday and Monday was relatively minor.
Neither of my boys were hurt seriously in their(separate) accidents.
Some time and the tools to play mad scientist in the studio.

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