Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Business

 I've had a busy couple of weeks and am still way behind and in the middle of another busy week.  So going back a couple of weeks.....

 We'll start back at the "Quilting Around Chautauqua" event. It was a wonderful day, in spite of the early weather forecast.

This event takes place on the beautiful grounds of the Chautauqua Institute

I loved the texture of the bricks and the rock garden edging.
 We get to spend the day admiring the architecture and gardens, as well as the quilts on display.
I need to find out what kind of Coleus this is!

The quilting on this one makes it really special!

In a little cafe used by one of the guilds.

Part of an "Under the Sea"challenge with a sister guild from Australia

Another "Under the Sea" quilt

There are displays by 8 quilt guilds or quilting groups from the area in several venues around the grounds.

This one makes me want an embroidery machine!

A bunny tea party- one of the vignettes in this display area.

Someone missed the bus.  

The weekend after that, while the men were off on a hunting trip, I did some sewing!

Calendar quilt from "count on it" by Nancy Halvorsen

The top for a baby quilt I have to get done in the next two weeks. Gender of the baby is unknown.

A panel I got at Calico Gals in Syracuse in August, and I actually got it done for this Halloween!

My portrait so far- from the class MaryLee taught at Guild last month. 

Coming in the "new Business" will be a report on Anita Grossman Soloman's visit to my guild.  I'm taking a class tomorrow, then she'll speak at Guild on Saturday!

I am grateful for:
October with cool nights and fall colors!
Working well with my husband on occasion.
The Bills winning 4 games. (I'll get on the bandwagon when they make the playoffs)
The completion of a major project!
An end to the gardening season.  I need a break. :-)

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  1. Love the pic of the 3 of us! Your protrait quilt is looking good!