Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, but I can't show you "that"!

I have been busy lately, honest!  I just don't seem to have much to show for it!  I think it's because I'm working on a bunch of "secret" projects. 
I did some work I really loved a couple weeks ago on one of the round robins we are working on in the "ArtC Girlz" group.  But, I can't show you that! 
I'm working on a couple of lap sized quilts as gifts.  But, I can't show you that!
We had some wonderfully summer like weather last week.  It was almost too hot, in fact.  I hardly had time to enjoy the mini irises and crocus before they were gone.   I didn't take pictures in the gardens because mostly all I did was cut down dead stuff left from last fall.  So, I can't show you that!
I can show you the new work table, all resettled and in use!  So far it's working wonderfully!

I can show you the new bag I made myself for my trip to Lancaster.  It matches the jacket I made last year since I used some of the leftover bits of patchwork from that project . Hmm. I just went and looked for a picture of it and couldn't find it. You may remember how much trouble it gave me when I was working on it in the spring of 2011?  I'll have to let Edith model it  for you.  Yay!  Something else I can show you. 
 This is the back side of the bag.  At the quilt show, I purchased a heat set tool for adding crystals to things.  I've been using the iron which is so imprecise! Anyway, Cheri said my jacket needed some bling.  I didn't think so, but did add some to the bag in my hotel room that night!  Like any little kid, I just wanted to play with my new toy!

And I can show you the "dinner plate Dahlia brooch" I made with a pattern by La todera.  ( I will be looking for more of their patterns!)
They call it a brooch, but I doubt I will be wearing it. Maybe on a purse?  (ooh- that means I need a new purse!)

 And lastly, I can show you why you need to keep your "Supreme Slider" clean!  I had just started to quilt around the tulip on this- the April calendar quilt.  It felt odd, and I though the needle might be dull.  So I stopped and guess what I found!

Yup, I had quilted my supreme slider to the back of my quilt!
I quit for the day after that.
 Some things you just know. 

My green tip for today is my usual outrage at something I observed.  I was in Bed Bath and Beyond last week.  Some ladies were shopping for friends who had registered. The store associates happily print out the whole list- several pages for each shopper ( I don't know if they were together, I had to wait behind three who needed this sort of help).  The one who had made her purchase was asked if she needed the list.  When a negative response came, the list was taken and tossed in the trash.
How hard would it be for the store to have a recycle bin for them?
Or for the shopper to take it home and drop it in her own recycle bin?
Small choices in each of our lives could make such a BIG difference!

I am grateful for:
Time in the garden.
Sleeping with the windows open.
Finding a place for everything in the sewing room. (but also finding a few things I didn't need places for anymore!)
One of my favorite wines comes in a box- saving 4 glass bottles!
Home made cinnamon bread for toast.

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  1. HAHA! I laughed out loud...I would be the one to sew the glider to a quilt!
    I seem to have the same mantra...but I can't show you that-itis.
    And I can tell you why my workplace doesn't costs them money. I used to recycle all cardboard and paper. They must pay for pick up. Cuts into their million dollar salaries. True Story.