Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Dreaded Pear Quilt
That Which Survivies
I am lucky to have a nice space in my house to display seasonal wall quilts.  I have lots of small quilts.  LOTS.  I make them to try a technique, or for a challenge, or as a teaching sample...
These two, for example, are technique pieces, made during the early days of the art group when we were trying everything!

Then just add them to the collection.  I give them as gifts if I know they are going to a person or place who will appreciate them.  But mostly they go in the drawers and linen closets and hope to be selected for display at least once a year.
Beginner class, 1 of 4!

Recently I discovered there are quite a few that rarely, if ever, see the light of day.  Poor little things.
Aunt Yuki's garden- folded fabric technique

So what to do with them? I could donate them to my Guild's silent auction and hope someone likes them well enough to buy them- even for $5 (which is the minimum, I think)  But I doubt they want to have a one woman show.

I can give the uglies to the animal shelter for pet beds, maybe?  
Another early class sample
Would a doctor or service agancy like to hang them in their offices?

Made at our "iron quilter" meeting

Maybe I should leave them in hotels when I travel.  They have to be better than what passes for art in a lot of those places!

Made in a class with Esterita Austin

Collage, based on a "zentangle"

"Wings", an art group challenge

I have put prices on some of them when they've been on display.  I guess I haven't found my audience yet because no one has ever asked about purchasing one.
So I take them out an look at them and put them back in the drawers.
Know anyone -or any place- that needs a small quilt?  Tell them to make me an offer! 

My green tip for this time is not really about recycling. The birds will all be returning soon.  It's easy and fun to give them a spot to rest, feed, or nest around your home. Here are some ideas!

I am grateful for:
The work days that pass quickly
An inspirational art quilt exhibit.
Only 6 more days!
My dear hubby, who takes such good care of me and puts up with me.
Lucas calling to ask how I cook a favorite dish he wants to  make himself.

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