Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving outside for the season!

 This is my front porch- my outdoor living room in the summer.  The only time it's not  wonderful out there is late in the afternoon when the sun is shining directly in your eyes.  That's usually the time I'm cooking anyway.
 This is along the walkway to my back door and the deck.  I need more old shoes if you have some.  :-)
 Look who I found near the perennial bed out back!  If she hadn't set up a ruckus when I walked by, I'd have missed it.
 I couldn't see how many eggs without sticking the camera back in there.
 Even Mr Bunny is happy to be outside enjoying the fresh air!
 Meanwhile, here's what I've been working on in the studio- which is a complete mess these days.

Pieces for the May calendar quilt.  I cut back the number of ants.
 A scrappy donation quilt.  I love this pattern, Romantic Rosy by Kaffe Fassett in his book Quilt Road.  The nine patches use  scrap therapy size squares!!!
 At the ArtCGirlz meeting last week, Sarah Terry showed us some beading techniques. 
I've been practicing feathers, inspired by the book "Dream Feathers", on this scrap quilt- also intended for donation.

Thinking Green this time takes me to the garden. Often when I'm working out there, I find worms and larva and other yucky looking creatures- like the little green worms who ate all the leaves off my Columbine a few years back.  Before I spray them with pesticide, I try to find out what kind of creature they are.  That pesky little green worm might become a rare butterfly if you don't kill it.  So take a few minutes to learn about the creatures you share the world with before you exterminate them!

I am grateful for:
Magnets and arnica
the chance to help a friend in need
sharing a private joke with a friend
gentle breezes and warm sunshine
Tiny newborn kittens

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  1. Love your front porch and the quilt on the wall.
    I think I'd be sitting out there all day if it were mine.