Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is it done yet?

 This is how I left the piece I was working on at the thread painting class with Mary Diamond.    Pretty, but I felt it needed something.  I lived with it for a day or so, and thought of the book of botanical prints I had in my collection.  It had some pale leaves in the background, which I decided might be just the thing!

Using netting and paler threads, I added these into the background of the piece.  Yes, that looks nice, but does that do enough?  I've lived with this for a week now and still can't decide. 

I've had a few ideas, first thinking of what Mary had done on hers.
This is one of those ribbon 0r ladder yarns.  Made of rayon or polyester, they have a nice sheen, looking a bit like beads when applied carefully.  But that doesn't sing to me.

I have a nice big box of trims, owing to being the family repository of several generations of sewing supplies.  Isn't this a fun one? I thought it might look like baby's breath or maybe Lily of the Valley weaving through my pansy bouquet.  The metallic thread is just for the shimmer ( I love shiny things)
I also found these lacey little flowers in the bin.  Hmmm, maybe simple is better.  Just a few of them to give it some focus?  Maybe with just a few beads??

(sigh)  I can't say any of these ideas thrill me.  How about you????


  1. I like the pale leaves a lot. How about adding just a little bit of orange or red orange?

  2. I do like the pale leaves since they add dimension to the picture. I am thinking that perhaps you have come the closest to adding with the whispy, translucent ladder ribbon.
    I like what you have done as it is though.