Monday, September 17, 2012

A focus on UFO's

Yes, there is a chair under those piles of projects  and hubby's shirts that are waiting to be ironed.  George was keeping me company as I worked the other day.  It didn't take her long to find the coziest spots in the house!  I'm happy any time she isn't chasing the threads as I try to sew.
The One Block Wonder I showed last week is coming along.  I'm doing more of the "Dream Feathers" on it and having fun doing it.  Hopefully it will be done Wednesday.  I have pieced three OBW's.  This was actually the first one, so I'm happy to be crossing one UFO off the list.           I'm hoping to get to at least one other one this weekend!

This one has to be at least five years old, probably more like  7 or 8.  It's a Betty Alderman pattern. The Guild had her come teach a class at some point and this was the class project. It's the satin stitching that has held me up on it.  I started doing nice stitching on it, so I can't leave the rest of it now.  ( can I?)  So this one will need more than one weekend to finish.  But I still  like it well enough to finish it.
This one is only a year or so old.  It's a technique called Illusionary Bars.  Fun way to use one of those big prints I like!  This will be a table runner.  I'll shape the ends around the fused appliques.

 This one is probably my oldest UFO.  It is a very old JoAnn block of the month- maybe even their first one.  (there's a prize for anyone who can tell me what year that one was originally sold)  The original kits were done in blue, but I didn't like the blue, so each month I used the pattern provided to make my own. I'm going to hand quilt this one over the winter when it's nice to have a quilt over my lap in the evenings.  It has a flannel back on it, too.  Extra cozy!

(sorry about the spacing on this post- blogger is behaving badly today)

Being "Green" at the office:
1- Print only what you HAVE to.  Use narrow margins and both sides of the paper when ever possible.  These simple steps could reduce your papre usage by up to 60 %
2- Pack a litterless lunch by using reusable containers, a lunch bag or box, reusable cutlery and a reusable water bottle or thermos.

I am grateful for:
The change in the weather that has allowed me to be more comfortable the last week or so>
Thirty years with Guy.
MASH still makes me laugh.
Weird fungus in the garden.

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  1. I know how good finishing makes you feel!
    Funny you mention sister just text me this past week that very same line. Do you remember the tearjerker final episode?