Monday, September 10, 2012

Counting down to the "Big Show"!

The Museum Quilt Guild, of which I am a member, holds a quilt show every other year. The Next one is ONLY FIVE WEEKS AWAY!  (Oh, sorry, I panicked there for a second)
I registered three pieces for the show which were not finished at the time. I never do that.  I work well with deadlines, but not under pressure.
The piece on the machine is the last of the three.  It's actually the first of three One Block Wonder quilts I pieced.    I struggled with this one, because I  just couldn't find a layout I liked for the blocks I made from this fabric.  The final solution was a layout from the second book, I think. Make two separate panels of the kaleidoscope blocks

Then I had to decide how to quilt it.  I turned to Leah for help, as I often do.  The pattern she calls "sunflower seemed to look like the flowers in the original print.  So that's what I have so far.  I hope to do some feathery things in the purple parts.  Stay tuned.

This piece is the last of three "Mosaics" made from a techniques Kathi shared with us at art group.  I have been playing with random piecing and more free form sort of settings and this is the result.  The quilting is meant to look like the sun shining on the lower parts of clouds.  It also looks like fire. Maybe that was done subconsciously as there were wildfires in the news that week.

Once I get finished with the deadlines, I'm going to do something just for fun!  I've been reading Robbie Joy Eklow's book.  She tells how to design an art quilt from free motion quilting designs. But I'm thinking this "zentangle" tile might make a really interesting quilt!

Thinking "Green" this week allows me to tell you I have made the digital switch.  When I renewed one of my magazine subscriptions, I chose the digital only version.  Saves me some money and reduces the burden on our resources on two ways:  No paper used to print the magazine, and no energy required to deliver the paper copy to me.  If I want  pattern or picture to use in the sewing room, I can print ONLY that page!

I am grateful for:
Some cool nights where I can sleep under lots of covers!
A new recipe soon to be a favorite.
Time spent with a friend.
A call from one son and a visit from the other!
I think that young cardinal found his way out of the garage!

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