Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A finish and a great show!

 I bought the kit for this at the quilt show last month.  I'm not big on kits since I usually want to choose my fabrics.  I did substitute a couple in this one- the socks for one.  I'm sure this is meant for Halloween, but it suits me.  I may hang it over my desk as a warning!

Last Monday the ArtCGirlz, hung a display of our work at the GOArt! satellite gallery at the Senior Center in Batavia.

We each brought in a few pieces, many of which had been in the guild show just a couple of weeks ago so it was all ready to hang!
At first we weren't sure how to fill the space, and then we weren't sure we HAD enough space!  But it all worked out and it looks really great (We are GOOD!)

 This is the book page project we did a year or so ago.  Top to bottom, the pages were made by Kathi, Lori, Martha and Elaine.

We each chose a section of a photograph to enlarge and interpret.  This was my first "random piecing" project- and I have loved it ever since!
This is the back of mine, which shows the original picture.

 Here are a couple of the sections at the show. 


This is painted on one of the non- gallery walls of this room.  Isn't it pretty?
Here are a few of the quilts I especially loved.  I am going to have to go take more pictures, because I missed a lot of great work , apparently!  I'd have sworn I took better shots of more than these few!  I missed Elaine's round robin, Mary Ellen's Leaves, Susan's bird........(sorry girls!)

Sharon made this from a class she took with Velda Newman

Another book page project Kathi did

Sharon made this piece using decolorant and thread work!

Look how the crystals sparkle in Kathi's landscape!

I'm more pleased than I can say to be included in this very talented group!
(and I'll share more pictures soon!)

In "Green" thoughts this week, my tip is to remember it's not enough to just change your light bulbs and put your newspapers on the curb every week.  If you are truly concerned about the planet, there is so much more!  Talk to people who don't seem to understand.  You don't have to shout, just remind them how easy it is to recycle, or buy more cautiously.  Become an activist by contacting your representatives at all levels of government to let them know how you feel.  I know I'll be writing "my" new congressman a letter very soon.  (I surely did not vote for him since his views did not represent me in the least!)  Be informed and share what you know- gently, as I've learned.

I am grateful for:
An "Indian Summer" afternoon to sit on the porch and read.
An easy and delicious new cake recipe. (be patient, Guild members...)
A man who tolerates my crabbiness.
Some unstructured time.
Cuddle time with the foster babies- for 6 more days.

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  1. good shots of the show. I didn't get any. I love the red slipper piece! it is you!