Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's beginning to look....

I wonder how many of you heard the resounding "HOORAY, I'm DONE!!!!" last week when I finished the December calendar quilt.  I am pleased with these quilts, and will enjoy them for years to come, but I will not miss the monthly deadline I set for myself for all of the past year to get them all finished each month.

I changed the December one a bit.  I've never really been a red and green person for my own holiday decorations.  I prefer blue, and snowflakes.
I found this great piece of blue in my stash, and then remembered the gold star buttons!  It's quilted with  a silver metallic silk thread.  Lots of holiday sparkle!

So then I started looking around the studio, at the mess mostly.  There sat a Christmas quilt top I had hoped to have finished last year.  It's a Scrap Therapy pattern. I made this top when I taught this pattern as a class several years ago.  I doubt it will be finished before this Christmas passes.  I don't have an incentive to get it done since I don't know who I'd give it to anyway.

There were quite a few leftovers from this top, so I laid them all out and decided they look pretty good all by themselves.  I'm not sure what it's for, but it might look nice under the plants for the holidays!The read around it is the backing, but the binding will be that color.

There were a six blocks leftover, and I thought they'd make a cute baby block. I wish I knew a baby who might like it.

These pretty boys are my most recent batch of foster kittens.  They went to the shelter the day before Thanksgiving, so they would be there for "Black Cat Friday"  Two of them have found forever homes already!  I spent some time at the shelter this week to help out.  So much love just waiting for someone to give it a good home.

It's a hard season to be green, frankly.  So many holiday parties where the hostess just isn't able or willing to provide reusable tableware for her guests, or the office party caterer uses disposables.  Not to mention the blatant consumerism- where we are all somewhat compelled to buy things we just don't need.
So make one small change for the planet if you can.  Reuse some gift wrap, or use the Sunday funnies!  Cut down on the number of lights you hang outside.  The world only needs one Griswold Family!  :-)  Instead of cheap bows, add a gift to the outside of your package with fun shoelaces, hair accessories, dried flowers, a necktie...
Or just bring your own plate to the office party!  There is no act too small when it comes to saving the planet we inhabit!
There are a few more ideas to be found, if you wish to look here, or here

I am grateful for:
Thanksgiving- my favorite holiday!
Hot turkey sandwiches.  (not the only reason I live Thanksgiving)
Sewing days.
The dedicated folks at the animal shelter (some are there 5 or 6 days a week)
Running out of color ink on the last page of pictures I needed to print.

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