Monday, March 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never...

I'm a bit tardy getting this post finished.  I started doing one for myself and one for the guild right after the retreat. Guess which one got finished?
 (similar in many ways since I'm using the same group of pictures.  :-)

The Asbury Camp and Retreat Center sits on Silver Lake. Unfortunately it was a grey and gloomy weekend and the lake wasn't as picturesque as it was last year.  But we weren't there to go swimming or fishing anyway.  We were there to sew and enjoy our fellow guild members' company!
 This is the work room in the Koinonia Inn.  Each member gets her own work table, with room for cutting and ironing areas to share.  There's lots of sewing, but even more chatting and laughter.  Walking to the ironing board takes at least 15 minutes every time!

This was my work space- shared with Mary Lee and Elaine. See the spirally thing in the center?  That's the one block I had gotten finished when I took a "Twirling Logs" class with George Siciliano at the guild's 2010 quilt show.  Everything sat in the bag- out where I'd see it so I would finish it- ever since.  I decided if I took it to retreat, I might actually do it.  ( I did bring other projects, assuming I'd get really sick of this one!)

First I had to cut all the little pieces.  I only cut enough for 6 rounds, so I wouldn't have to worry about not finishing and how to pack all of them back up to work on next year, I mean when I got home.
Meanwhile at the other end of the room, Mary Lee was arranging her One Block Wonder blocks from a workshop we did a couple of years ago.  In fact I think the one I worked on last year was from that workshop . (still not finished)

 This picture was taken after dinner on the first day.  I got there at 10, set up, helped others move in, went out to lunch, cut all the pieces, ate dinner and this was my grand accomplishment!One whole round!  (I may have doen the second round before bedtime, though)

This was around lunch time on Saturday- just before we went shopping!  Four rounds.  Almost time to decide whether or not to cut more pieces.
(is the suspense killing you?)

I'm working on two projects right now that will use taupe in all it's forms.  I got started on my taupe stash at the Quilters Daughter in Perry Center.

 I finished the sixth round just before dinner, so I cut more.  I decided I wouldn't make appreciable progress on any of the other projects I brought along, so I kept going. 
I forgot to mention, Eula asked me before I even started cutting if I had brought something to drive me crazy this year.  She was referring to the "tiny twister" project I did last year!  I held up the one finished block to answer her question.

It took me until right up to the time everyone started packing their gear on Sunday afternoon to get the last piece on and the blocks trimmed, but I got them all finished!

On the left (above?- I never know where the pictures will end up, frankly) is the picture of the pattern from George's website.  You can decide to have "fans" or spirals when you assemble the blocks.  I preferred the spirals.

I have deadlines in front of me, so they are back in the bag, but I will not wait 2 years to get them back out!

And next year at retreat I'm bringing something with bigger pieces!!!

Meanwhile, Mary Lee got her blocks put together. 
 She found a few blocks that got set aside, so she is waiting to find solids to decide where they go.  We all loved the luminosity of this piece!

I apologize to Elaine because I didn't get a picture of her finished bag made with musical fabrics.
The blocks below are for the row robin.  Aren't they lovely?
The purple ones are the beginning of a set of "Old Italian" blocks for a quilt.  (I think the pretty lime green bit is her tool bag)

 This is the (mostly) taupe palette for one of the projects I'm working on.  Stay tuned......

Have you ever heard of "Freecycle"?  It's a way to get rid of unwanted items other than tossing them in the trash.  In my area, the freecycle group is called Genesee-Orleans ReUseIt Group (a Yahoo group).  You post what you have- or what you're looking for- to the group.  If someone wants it, you arrange pickup.    Some people just post curb alerts- that they are putting a certain item out if anyone wants it.  It's a great way to keep things out of the waste stream, plus sometimes you can find exactly what you want- for free!

I am grateful for:
Friends who are just a weird as I am
Doing the YMCA dance at retreat
February is over!
Hot soup
Learning how to find ways to be grateful for things I used to complain about.

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