Monday, March 25, 2013

Signs of Spring

I did this ZIA (zentangle inspired art) on a letter I wrote this morning.   It's supposed to be Spring, but so far the calendar and the outside aren't in the least bit of agreement. 
In the "One Zentangle a Day" book last week, the exercises were using different types of colored tools to enhance the tiles. I didn't do all of them because I don't have all the toys.  I'm not one to go spend a lot of money for an experiment.   This is the only one I did that I thought was worth the time. This was done with "Inktense" pencils, which I had gotten for one project or the other- maybe a doll face. 

 Turns out I was unaware how soon kitten season would begin!  Two days after I wrote last week's post, I came home from the shelter with a family of five.  Momma cat is named "Hunnie" by the nice people who turned her in.  Isn't she beautiful?  And such a sweet cat.  As sweet and cuddly as kittens are, I always fall immediately in love with the moms.

Don't they look so beautiful cuddling?

 On another visit to "the nursery", one of the kittens was peeking out of the nest at me.  They have changed so much in such a short time.
It might be the same kitten.  They all look just alike, which could make giving them names difficult.

At the ArtCGirlz meeting last week, we did a project inspired by the work of Ann Brauer.  Mary had already tried this, so she was our teacher. We all brought strips cut at 3/4 of an inch!

This is the way I laid mine out.

Most of the girls did an 8 inch square, but I want to make a small purse with mine, so my strips are half the width of fabric.

This was all I got sewed down that night.  It takes four strips to make an inch and I was aiming for     10 1/2"!

I got the rest of it sewn (sewed??) down yesterday.  I LOVE the way it looks.  Now I'm not sure I want to cut it up for the purse.  Stay tuned....

For my "green tip" this week, I want to show you something hubby found in a motel room.
Soap labeled as "green".  Why? You probably can't read the box, but it says:
This innovative ergonomically shaped waste reducing soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.
 (Followed by being cruelty free and using soy inks and recycled paper)

Have you all had the same thought hubby and I had?  So instead of one useless bit of soap, it gets thin, breaks and you have two useless bits!  As with many "Green" products, it is nothing but a marketing gimmick.
So don't buy it just because a product says it's green.  Think about it and do your homework.  Being green is a lifestyle not a fashion statement.

I am grateful for:
Small signs of spring even though it's still cold.
A very fun day with good friends!
Getting to cuddle teeny kittens- and their mom.
Three less boxes in my basement
A fun piece of lime green fabric to make a skirt with in the clearance bin. (If I find the time!)

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