Monday, July 15, 2013

Not quite what I had in mind

 In my small art quilting group, the ArtCGirlz, we have a challenge- due in September!- to make a mandala quilt.  After our last meeting, I was looking at online pictures Mary shared, and found this site with snow dyed mandalas!
Says I, I bet she just folds that like for a paper snowflake.  I have to try that.  Except I don't use dyes, I use paints.  I know it isn't the same process.  I just can't get past the part of dyeing where the instructions say you should wear a mask when  mixing the powder.  I have enough respiratory issues without that.

So anyway, I dampened a piece of muslin and folded it paper snowflake style.  Added blobs of paint and scrunched it up to get those cool patterns.  This is what it looked like at that point. 

This is how it turned out.  (fail)  Very pretty, but not what I had in mind.  I'll probably cut this up and use each section individually.  Or maybe do a Ricky Tims "convergence" thing with it? 

I've realized you would have to have the folds up, not flat, to make this work.  I may try again.

I also thought I  would paint a piece with a spiral, like the one Mary
Lee gave me a few years back.

 She said she just twisted it up from the center. So that's what I did

 Here it is with the paint dropped onto it.

And here's the finished piece.    I love it, but the spiral isn't as obvious as I'd like.  (fail)

I did get a pretty washcloth out of it.  About halfway through the drying, I flipped the whole thing over, since paint tends to follow the water up as it evaporates.

It was fun anyway!

It is HOT again here this week.  I remember reading a report the NOAA did on climate change about 10 years or so ago. They said the Northeast would become more tropical over time as the climate changed.  Looks like they were more right than they knew- or perhaps more than they wanted to be?
Anyway, my friend Marcia sent this link to me about electronic waste.  I had read about this before, but this video is a really clever way of presenting the information.  It's another example of how we CAN create change, but we have to find ways to do it with our dollars- the only language the politicians understand!

I am grateful for:
Extended family events
My three remaining foster babies are holding their own!
Having the option of staying inside out of the heat
Cold drinks, ice cream, a cool cloth around my neck, a coo shower at bedtime, and- oh, did I mention AIR CONDITIONING!!?
 (I used to hate it, believe it or not- and still hate having to put on a sweater in July when I go to some restaurants and the movies)


  1. They are looking good - I can't wait to see if you try more!

  2. Colour is wonderful in any way we can play with it. Have fun.