Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If I had a million dollars....

Last Saturday, the annual Museum Quilt Guild summer picnic was held at the absolutely beautiful Hillside Inn, in Wyoming, NY. The inn is closed right now as it is for sale.
So we had the run of the place!   The realtor, who is a member of the guild, took us on a semi-guided tour of the place.  There were a lot of oohs and ahhs, and not a few of us carrying our cameras taking pictures of one detail or another.

 The way the bedrooms were decorated and furnished reminded me of the Grand Hotel in Michigan.

 And my husband will tell you I never saw a mossy rock I didn't need a picture of!

                                                                                I have a tendency to wander off, especially when I see things like this!

Apparently this is referred to as the grotto?  You can't go into the tunnels ( not that you could PAY me to!), but I remember hearing something about the underground railroad here, so maybe this was a way in and out of the house?

This is the same area when viewed from the balcony of one of the guest rooms.

The gardener in me really wanted to get to work cleaning up these gardens!  There are some beautiful flowers growing in them!

My friend Mary Lee says that she embraces Queen Anne's Lace as a garden flower!
Thistles growing near the grotto. Wild, but I wouldn't mind having them in my garden!  (remember, it's all about whether you want the plant where it is growing or not!)

I really have to look into getting some more varieties of day lilies for my own garden! (like these!)

We all agreed this place would be a perfect quilters roost! A great place to have meetings and retreats and small showings of our work!  .....If I had a million dollars!

The GLOW region solid waste management committee is holding a household hazardous waste collection on September 21.  You need an appointment.  Call 1-800-836-1154 for more information.  Outside the GLOW area, check with your town clerk's office for information on hazardous waste collection in your area.  We used to toss it all in the landfill, which is why we are now paying for cleanup of toxic waste.  So please dispose of these items safely!

I am grateful for:
playful kittens
cooler weather for sleeping and gardening
feeling useful
hearing from an old friend
a pretty short "have to do" list this week

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