Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mandala exhibit

 A few months ago- as I have no doubt mentioned at some point-  the ArtCGirlz were challenged to do a mandala exhibit by Karen Reisdorf of Blue Pearl Yoga.  Karen has a great space for her studio and is hoping to add an art gallery to the space.    On Friday, the exhibit opened.

The husbands in attendance had a wonderful time

There were some glitches along the way, of course.  With anything new, there are bound to be, right? Speaking of new- if you love Command hooks, as I do, take some time before you try the new clear ones.  They aren't as good as the others- yet.  (at least I hope 3M will soon be making improvements!)

Fortunately, the gorgeous quilts more than made up for the aggravation!
Apologies to my fellow ArtCGirlz, as I did not get the names of the quilts.  ( I assumed it was on the information packet I picked up)

By Chris Kuehl
by Mary Ellen Casey

by Lori Anderson
by Elaine Ross

by Kathi Everett

by Susan Rathbun

by Elaine Ross (not a good picture of this piece)

by Beth Anderson

by Bethany Anderson

by Bethany Anderson

 "Zendala Mandala" (mine)

There will be a post on the ArtCGirlz blog, which I hope will have names and stories of the quilts.

Keeping it simple this time, I am grateful for:
The end of a busy week
Gramma time with Kiara
No cooking two nights in a row
Having extra cuddly kitties in the house for a while
The raffle quilt top is nearly complete!

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  1. My sister and I enjoyed the show and I am so happy we had the chance to see it while it was on exhibit. The pieces were all so beautiful!