Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stuck in a time warp?

 This week went by in a blur!  I know I was busy every day, but I have absolutely nothing to show for it.  I seriously think I'm in some kind of time warp.  I get up in the morning, then suddenly it's dinner time, or bedtime. 

Fortunately, Mother Nature put on a nice show yesterday morning.  The fog was lovely, and lasted deep into the morning. 

The mist in the air allowed me to take some great pictures of the orb weaver spider web I found.  I never saw the spider.  I think she must have gotten a tasty bug and gone off to eat in peace.

These are a few of the kittens I am fostering.  They came from a barn, and have been battling respiratory infections, which is why some of their eyes look the way they do.  But aren't they pretty?  And such sweet little kittens. 
That being said, if their mom had been spayed, we wouldn't have to treat them for the illness that most feral cats have.  Not to mention that as soon as they were weaned these babies would have been left to fend for themselves.  (The barn owners were providing them food and shelter.  I don't wish to make it sound worse than it was)   Many feral cats die of simple diseases. A respiratory infection in a young cat can be fatal because they stop eating.  And their mom will go out to produce more kittens.

My green thought this week is a reminder about buying in bulk when possible.  Every time you buy a single serve package; or buy three of the little ones because they are on sale you are also buying the packaging.  Remember there is energy required to produce the packaging, and additional amount of garbage produced each time you throw out a smaller package.  So buy the biggest package you can and separate into smaller reusable containers at home.  If you check shelf tags for unit prices, you may be surprised how much money you are saving while also reducing the burden on resources. (And often the larger package costs close to the same as the smaller ones even on sale!)

I am grateful for:
Cat therapy (try it- there's nothing better than a room full of purrs and cuddles!)
Frosty cool nights sleeping with the windows open.
My very patient and undemanding hubby.
Baking weather
Fresh apples (the Macs are in now!)

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