Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Challenge display

Yesterday we hung the 2014 Challenge quilts in the gallery room at the Richmond Memorial Library.   There are 16 quilts, so each has space to make its own statement, which is much nicer than having them hung "cheek by jowl"
I apologize for not having the names of the quilts.  The labels weren't put up when I left because the judges were coming.  (Here come da judge- an age test!)
The challenge, as I think I mentioned, was to make a quilt representing something from the year you were born.  Not all participants shared their year, but the quilts all tell a good story!!!

Cynda Watroba

Cynda's entry tells the story of her mother being in labor during a blizzard in Niagara Falls.  She couldn't get to the hospital unless she walked!!!
Susan Rathbun

Susan said she invented new swear words while making these faces.  But didn't she do an amazing job????
Casablanca was new the year she was born.

Mary Ellen Casey

Mary Ellen Casey honored the fact that the New York Ballet Society was created the year she was born.  The quilting on this one is exquisite!

Val Schultz

Val Schultz found inspiration in Picassos's "Woman with green hair".   As a child, Val apparently didn't like her red hair, preferring to tell people her hair was green. 

Val's quilting is also worth a closer look!

Chris Kuehl

Chris Kuehl learned a lot about 1953 while researching her project.
Gloria Crittenden

I always look forward to what Gloria Crittenden has created!!!   Her quilts are always my favorites!  She is so creative.

The car represents a baby picture she found of her sitting on her Dad's car!

Gloria Crittenden

And, of course, no words are necessary for this one. Just takes your breath away, doesn't it?
Dodie Morrison

Dodie Morrison also used a world war II theme in her "Victory Garden"

Kate Martin said this is her third (?) challenge crazy quilt.  Charlotte's Web was published in Kate's birth year.

Elaine Ross

Elaine's friend sent her a picture of some cd's and challenged her to make a quilt. She added names of tunes from her birth year, and killed two birds with one stone- or is it met two challenges with one quilt? 

First time entrant Kevin Hammon found inspiration in the band Rush, formed in his birth year. This represents their "Snakes and Arrows" album.  Kevin found great meaning in the symbols.  The motif is hand painted.

Kathi Everett

Kathi had a completely different plan. But when it fell through, she still managed to do something wonderful in just a few days!  JFK was inaugurated in the year she was born.

Mary Ellen Ames was inspired by the music from the year she was born.  (it was great music!!!)

Susan used another of her ice-dyed fabrics to make this piece, which commemorates the first nuclear reactor.  The purple  lines represent the wooden box which housed the device. The scientists apparently sat on top of this box in case it blew up!!!
What a great change they brought to our world!

Susan's embellishments and hand stitching make this piece  worth a closer look!
(can you tell it's my favorite?)

Akex Hammon

Alex Hammon also found too  much from her year to choose just one favorite.

And my piece you have seen, but I wanted to include it so you could see the context. 

There was a piece in our paper about this woman's book, A Year of Nothing New.  Can you imagine buying nothing new for a year?  Nothing?  I can't.  It boggles the mind.  But it also makes you think about the word NEED as it pertains to shopping.  In our consumer driven economy, we have been encouraged to spend money we don't have on things we simply do not need!!!  So I challenge you to pause when you pick up a shiny new something at the store.  Can you do without it?  Could you buy it used?  Or simply make do without it? 

I am grateful for:
A really good sewing day Monday
Luke came over to watch the Superbowl.  If it hadn't been for his company, the evening would have been wasted.
Guy called
My photo album is up to date
A little bit of spring in the flowering bulbs I bought last week.


  1. Beautiful show Mattie. Flip Wilson???

  2. I haven't gotten to the library yet, so happy to see all the challenge quilts. They are all wonderful!
    I always love seeing your thankfull bits....