Monday, February 24, 2014

Catching up

On Saturday we went to see Amy play in sectionals in LeRoy.  We left LeRoy before they built the new school, so it was interesting to see at least part of it.  I'm guessing they payed a lot for the sound system, since they had it blasting out noise I assume was supposed to be music at a deafening level.  (I am actually able to make the comparison to a Metallica concert and this was worse by far!)

  I am not a basketball fan, but this was a very good game- exciting to the end even thought Wellsville lost.  It is very hard to get a good shot of Amy playing, since the only time they stand still is for foul shots.
 ( I hate you, blogger!!  Be consistent- can I type next to my photo or not???)

Ok, now that I got that off my chest...

I finally remembered to bring my camera on my walk on the one day a week the gallery is open.  (I'm sure the lady whose name is on the door envisioned something MUCH more friendly to the public when she proposed an art gallery on campus)
Anyway, it's an interesting exhibit, by Leigh Yardley.
She places these chunks of fabric out in the woods, and in fields, and lets nature leave its mark.  Then she embellishes.  I'm not sure I get why fabric with bits of leaves and moss are art, but I did enjoy looking at it.  (And maybe that's why it's art?)
This is my favorite piece. It's called Corn Field ( I think- I lost the list)    She enhanced the image of the corn stalks with paint.  Then she embellished it with what looks like the old sisal type rope they used for hay bales.  
What's really cool is that since it's cheesecloth, the rope is visible on both sides. But each side is different.

She also takes photos of interesting things while she's out in nature.  She calls them Evidence of Occupation.  This rock has neat fossils in it.  Below is one of her Fragments of Place pieces.   

My own  artwork is far less abstract.  I finished my "creative girl" quilt yesterday. I have ideas for several more, and can see where these would be great gifts for people!  Fun to do, and a quick project.

Retreat is coming at the end of this week!!!  I am packed already and eagerly anticipating three whole days of sewing and camaraderie!  Hopefully I'll have more than one project to show this year! (last year I did the George Siciliano piece)

We were talking about the fact that globally it was the warmest January on record, in spite of the fact that we froze our whoopie cakes off!  {thank you online slang dictionary} The irony is that extreme climate change will eventually trigger a new ice age.  It's scary how many people think the cold proves global warming is a myth. 

I am grateful for:
Sharing auditing duty with ladies who have as much trouble with accounting as I do.  (maybe we shouldn't have done it)
Retreat in 4 days!
Wine O'clock
Peanut butter brownies (with chocolate chips)
SEWING time!!!!


  1. Your creative girl looks like you! Very nice.

  2. I'm jealous of your retreat time! Your creative girl does look like you!