Friday, August 22, 2014

Who knew?

 Is it a snake plant?  Mother-in-law's tongue?  A sanseveria?
By whatever name you call this plant, anyone who has ever owned one knows you will need a lot of friends to give them to, as the multiply with merry abandon!
But did you know they also have interesting blossoms?  I didn't, until last week when I found this.
(as you can see a few more of my friends will soon be receiving gifts!)

They're sticky, like the blossoms on my gram's wax plant.  
I'm doing this on the blogger app, which leaves something to be desired.  So here's a link to the wax plant:

Anyway, the blossoms are very delicate, but pretty.  

    In other news, the kittens found in the trash are growing up.  I was happy to discover that Glady, the little girl, actually CAN see?  The vet told her first foster mom that poor Glady would be permanently blind.  Her eyes are deformed, but she sees pretty well!!

                     I am hoping she and her brother, Hefty,will be adopted together.  (They were named for trash bags, since they were found in one)   I think if I get the local media involved, it won't be too hard to find a kind- hearted soul to take them.  Wish me luck.           

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, passed an ordinance requiring a 5 cent deposit on plastic bags distributed by any retailer within the city limits.

In this article, one person opposed to the deposit said that citizens have the ability to reduce waste without the city collecting a fee.  Yes, I agree, they do have the ability.  We all do.  But they did not have the incentive.  Now they do.  

I am grateful for:
The air conditioning is working again in my office.
Fun people to sit with at a boring meeting.
Pancakes for supper.
How  if the sky is here, and how beautiful it was yesterday.
The writers who have these great stories in their heads for me to enjoy!

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