Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not for "our" baby

I finished a baby quilt last week that I had started last year, intending it to be donated at the gathering of my online quilting friends.  Due to some confusion over where the quilts would be  donated, I never finished this one in favor of one an older child or adult would be able to use. It is made using a pattern I developed as a "Scrap Therapy" bonus.  It's not an original design, obviously- but I rewrote it for the sizes of the cut squares. 
Anyway, when I told Al I was working on a baby quilt, I added hastily that "It's not for our baby- just some random baby."  I have fabric ready for three quilts for "our" (grand) baby.  It's what I'm planning to work on at retreat this year. 


I wandered through the designs in several quilting books before I found this- I hope it shows in the picture.  Easy and perfect for this pattern!  I'll definitely use this one again.


I also finished my first pair of socks for the year.  I got this yarn last fall when I had an hour long lunch break from jury duty.  I had already eaten my "elevensies", so I went downtown to the Dancing Goat Yarn Shop to poke around.

I'm very surprised and honored to have found out that my challenge quilt won three ribbons from the judges this week!  I certainly didn't think my piece was the best one there. 

In the "Save the Planet" segment is one of the many items I am always shaking my head over- those Kuerig cups.  They have vowed to come up with a reusable alternative by 2020!!!  Why will it take so long?  Other companies have already made them, and every day they delay creates hundreds of thousands more of those blasted cups to wind up in landfills.  If you have a Keurig, please let the company know you are demanding they show more environmental responsibility than that!!!!

I am grateful for:
Al's cold is getting better- and it wasn't the flu!
Fresh Cuba cheese curds
Giving Guy a long distance sewing lesson
Being able to help a very happy man adopt a kitty
Reading a book that stays with me after I have to put it down and go back to the "real world"

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