Friday, July 17, 2015

Various projects in varying stages

 I have had so little time for sewing this year that some days it feels like I should start giving away all my stuff.  But I do manage to get things done, eventually.
The night before her brother was born, I had Kiara try on her "Elsa" dress to mark the hem.  Obviously she was pleased with it.   There isn't or wasn't a commercial pattern for this, so I improvised from a regular little girl's dress pattern. 

 The other day I was sewing myself a new dress when this happened.  The needle broke, but the thread didn't.  At first I thought I was going to have to take the machine apart to get the piece out, then I found it stuck in the seam. 

 I think this is the most damage I have seen to a pin!

My machine is past due for a tuneup, and I'm thinking I should probably get it in soon now that I did this.

I saw the link to the pattern for this crocheted dragon  on Facebook, and knew Jonathan needed one!  Mom and big sister also want one, so I'll be making more! (he's more blue than this in real life)

Speaking of Jonathan, he is growing fast and changes every time I see him.  Cait keeps me supplied with new pictures.  (I got him this shirt)

In the next few weeks, I really have to get the quilt inspired by this picture started, as it is due in August!!!

 On my drive through Batavia, NY, I have noticed a patch of what used to be scrub is now growing vegetables.  I can't recall what the sign says, but I think it is one of those community farm projects I have heard about.  I recently read about "urban agriculture", where rooftops and urban centers are being turned into farms!  The most recent article was about some of the major league baseball stadiums growing ingredients to be served at their games.  With 7 billion people on the planet, finding new ways to produce the food we all need is essential!   And growing it locally means not only is it fresher, but it doesn't have to be trucked, shipped or flown to the local markets!

I'm grateful for:
The generosity of a stranger.
Laughing with my husband.
Cait making sure I get good cuddle time.
A bit of sewing time- better than nothing.
People who can see the bigger picture.

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