Thursday, August 13, 2015

A walk in the garden

It has gotten to that time of year where my enthusiasm for being in the gardens has waned.  I'm tired of weeding and deadheading.  The annuals are getting leggy and most of the perennials have come and gone.  But there is still some beauty to be found...

This is a "Gaura". It is sold as a perennial, but I have a hard time getting things like this to come back for a second year.  ( I tried butterfly bush for several years without success, too.)  I seem to be in a different zone than most of the area; maybe because I'm at a higher elevation???  Anyway, this is in a pot on my deck, where I can enjoy it every day.  I've seen hummingbirds stop and give it a look, too. 

This is "Convolvulus".  Some of you may remember the quilt the artcgirlz made using a photo of this flower.  There aren't many truly blue flowers in the world, so I love these.

In the new bed I planted last summer, along the side of the garage, I have this beautiful variety of daylily.  It was given to me by a friend and she didn't know the name of it. If anyone does, let me know!

The snapdragons come up on their own every year.  The prettiest ones aren't even in the bed, but in the walkway.  Luckily, I have the "If it wants to grow there, I'll let it" philosophy!

I'll probably come to regret allowing this wild morning glory to stay here.  I couldn't resist the having delicate pink blossoms  I have admired on the side of the road in the garden, though.

My hollyhocks are having a good year. I love how this one glows!  And the way the stamens make a little curlicue sort of topknot.

A pumpkin I left in the garden as compost left some seeds.  I won't get any fruit, but the blossoms are pretty!

Even though they are one of the last flowers to bloom, the rudbeckia brighten up the whole garden!

I finished the second dragon the other day and delivered it to Cait. She had a spot on the shelf reserved for him.  (Or her? - since it's pink)

As I am "that" grandmother, I cannot make a post without the latest pictures of Jonathan.  He is now over 14 lbs. and 24 inches long.  I think he thinks it's a race to grow up- and he wants to win! He laughs and "talks" now and watches movements. 

When he looked up and saw me the other day, he got a big smile. As if he didn't already have me wrapped around his little finger. 

I wandered through a couple of stores last week, knowing with the coming change of seasons, there might be some good clearance deals.  I was very disappointed to see that so many of the "fashion" clothing items are polyester.  I have never cared for "plastic" clothing; even more so now that I'm an old lady with a broken thermostat.  It is my belief that the petroleum industry has something to do with the resurgence in popularity for polyester apparel.  Gas prices are low, so they have to keep us buying their product somehow.  Here is a very long list of things made from petroleum.  Think about it...

In the interest of fair play and unbiased reporting, I will also share this site I found while researching.  There are some benefits to polyester, including the fact it's recyclable.  However, it isn't easy to know if the products we are buying are made from recycled materials.  And most assuredly, we cannot recycle plastic dresses!

I am grateful for:
Kiara's broken arm didn't require surgery to repair!
Being allowed Oma time with Jonathan (John Von, as I call him)
A nice quiet week away from everyone- but right at home!
Open windows, cold night air and burrowing under a quilt.
Guy is coming for a visit!

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Our butterfly bushes never have taken off and look pitiful. I guess you and I will have to admire them in other people's gardens!