Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Fish Project

I mentioned the fish project a few posts ago, by showing this picture.  This challenge was issued by an ArtCGirlz friend back in December or January?  Originally it had been due in August.  With baby stuff and summer coming, I had planned to get started right away!  The best laid plans....

As I mentioned, I had wanted to make this picture into a quilt at some point.  I had thought to try it Ann Brauer style.  But when the fish challenge came, I decided it would be an awesome background.  But I need a fish!  So I set about finding inspiration...

I had always loved the fanciful fish from Disney's "Fantasia"

And, of course, there are some spectacular real fish!

 And some truly odd ones!
This odd fish is called a "sarcastic fringehead"

And then when you google fantasy fish, you get things like these.

Sort of a zentangle fish.  I loved the shape of this one- and tried very hard to find another image showing the whole fish with no luck. 

Isn't this just lovely!

Naturally, someone doing steampunk made a very cool fish! 

So I got out my drawing pad and started playing.

Not sure why this is sideways- the original isn't.  Obviously, I was using the shape of the zentangle fish above.

Playing with fins and textures.
This part was lots of fun.  But this was where I stalled, as it was time to make quilts for Jonathan!
(I did continue to collect fabrics for the project- and of course I have twice what I need! )

So, a month or so ago, I got started again- you know, because the deadline was only a couple of weeks away.  I decided not to do the tiny Ann Brauer strips, opting for a more organic look.  This gets challenging, as I create one row at a time, then have to make them fit the row(s) above.

The orange inserts are meant to look like the school of fish in the original picture, in case that isn't clear. (In which case this piece is very unsuccessful!)

We were all directed to add a bit of this silver lamé at around the midpoint of the piece,

 This was the most challenging part so far!

Sorry to disappoint, but this is as far as I've gotten.  Another row or two of background then I can start creating my fish.  Besides, I can't show it here before I present it at the group meeting.  Stay tuned.

Keeping to an ocean theme, this inspired and dedicated young man is trying to clean up all of the plastic floating around in the ocean.   It is already beginning to affect the food chain.  Remember to look for microbeads in personal care products- and DO NOT buy them!  The tiniest bits of plastic are the biggest threat.

I am grateful for:
Cooler nights- nature's air conditioning!
Cait sending me pictures of Jonathan regularly.
Having a "buffer" in the office.
A bit more sewing time lately.
Laughing over something very silly with my husband.

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  1. Love your fish quilt background! Mine is still in the idea stage. I have my sketches. That's it. :-( You have inspired me to begin the background, . . . after the holidays!